‘Drive to Survive’ has created a monster with Guenther Steiner, the director of Haas, who has unintentionally become the star of the series produced by Netflix, despite the fact that his team is almost always in the last places, which is why it is said that the Steiner appears more in the series than during the Formula 1 season.

Guenther Steiner and Matthias Binotto are indeed the first image of the fifth season, but Steiner stars again in chapter 4, dedicated to the Haas team, the return of Kevin Magnussen and the farewell to Mick Schumacher, who lost his place at the end of the 2022 season after a series of crashes that completely destroyed the car.

Guenther Steiner was critical of Mick Schumacher
Guenther Steiner was critical of Mick Schumacher / Getty Images

Guenther Steiner and his comments on Mick Schumacher

In this chapter, ‘Drive to Survive’ shows a Steiner somewhat critical of Schumacherfor which he was questioned about his strong words about Mick, however, the director of Haas downplayed it.

Steiner, who has been characterized as a person who He says things as he thinks them, and the bad (or good) thing is that he thinks with a lot of profanity and he also responded in his style, first clarifying that his comments about Mick Schumacher are only the hottest bits and somehow lack context, because the relationship with Mick is not so bad.

“I think they haven’t shown everything I said, just the heat of the moment. ‘Drive to Survive’ shows the worst moments of that day and, obviously, that’s what the show should do. What was said, was said, I cannot retract it, and it was decided not to take it out, because you have nothing to hide. It is what it is. I am not ashamed”, said the Italian.

drive to survive guenther steiner
Was Steiner left as a villain in Drive to Survive? /Getty Images

And what does Steiner say about Mick Schumacher?

During the fourth chapter, Mick Schumacher’s clashes are remembered and the series shows Steiner making comments with Gene Haas: “We gave him a year to learn and the second time he destroys the fucking car just because the other one is faster”. “Talent cannot be bought or developed.”

Steiner compared the moment in which he launched those comments to the moments of fever of the pilots. “You say things you wouldn’t say now. You shouldn’t go too deep to analyze my state of mind.”

I’m not an actor: Steiner

Steiner assured that he has not visited the fifth season of Drive to Survive, but he does have someone in charge to do it, in addition to remembering well what he said and what he authorized to appear in Drive to Survive, but he clarified that before being tried for your words about Mick or any other driver or manager, They must take into account that it is part of real life in Formula 1 and not an act.

It’s not acting. I do not judge if I acted well or not. I did my job and I judge my job by what we accomplished in the race, not for what I figured looks good to us. Put yourself in my shoes, it’s best that they don’t show anything (in Drive to Survive), but is that a good thing? No. So you don’t get directly involved with your own performance, because I’m not an actor“, said.

Steiner started the year with no points, with Nico Hulkenberg finishing 15th and Kevin Magnussen 13th, so now more than ever he will focus on the performance of his cars and drivers, and With this begins the adventure of the sixth season of Drive to Survive, which we will see in 2024.

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