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In recent years, the prices of ssd have been the subject of discussion and concern by technology consumers. High demand and supply problems for components have caused the prices of these hard drives in solid state have remained at a high level.

However, throughout this first quarter of 2023 the price of these hard drives has begun to plummet. This news has been received with great joy by users who have been waiting for the right moment to get hold of this component for their desktop and laptop computers.

What is the reason behind this plummeting price on SSDs? In general, there is no single reason why prices are in figures that had not been seen until years ago. Of course, the starting point that has generated this reduction is in the reduction in the production costs of NAND memory.

This reduction in production costs has had an almost direct impact on end users, allowing both solid state hard drives and flash memories to have lower prices than what was seen a few months ago. Additionally, the reduction in prices has been seen across all SSD capacities.

SSDs and flash memories have dropped in price

In general, the price of the most popular SSDs on the market has dropped between 15 and 30% in the last sixty days. Of course, the analysts have made predictions in which they indicate that, in the middle of the year 2023, the price of these solid state hard drives will reach discounts of up to 50% in different vendors.

Taking these predictions into account, it may be convenient to wait, but in case you are looking for a HDD in solid state the prices in the current market are equally attractive. By having attractive prices, it may no longer be so interesting to opt for a traditional hard drive when assembling a desktop computer from scratch.

The traditional hard drive offers slower read and write speeds than a solid-state hard drive, and is more likely to fail over time. We will have to wait and see how this situation develops and, above all, if manufacturers begin to bet on solid state hard drives with capacities greater than current ones.

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