Garro speaks in the Deliberative Council with the expectation of whether he will seek a new re-election

The mayor of La Plata Julio Garro opened the 80th ordinary sessions of the Deliberative Council this afternoon with the expectation of whether he will ratify his intention to run for a new term.

The Assembly began more than an hour and a half late, as it was scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m., while the militants brought color both inside the venue and in the corridors.

Some time ago the communal chief anticipated that his will was to present himself again, but it will be necessary to see if that idea is maintained and if he takes advantage of the act to formalize it or send a message in that regard. Perhaps an advance was the song with which he was received that said “four more years, four more years, four more years Julio Garro, four more years.”

Absent in the speech that Governor Axel Kicillof gave yesterday before the Buenos Aires Legislature, Garro is expected to seek polarization with the provincial ruling party.

Taking into account that it is the last year of his current administration, he will review what has been done and will present some guidelines of what will be this 2023 marked by the elections.

Here, the main phrases of the speech:

– “I have no doubt that with this great team we will continue working for the City”

– “This year is very special for several reasons, one is that in a few weeks it will be 10 years since the greatest tragedy that we had to experience, the flood of April 2, 2013”

– “A wound that hurts terribly every time we remember it. I cannot advance in this speech without making a minute of silence in homage”

– “They refused to do the works that cannot be seen and turned a deaf ear to all those who warned about the subject. They did not listen to anyone. Not even the National University of La Plata, which warned that something like this could happen, nor the flooded from previous years”

– “And the lack of answers was very expensive: we lost dozens of lives. We have to remember and learn from those mistakes”

– “For this reason, I want to tell you that this April 2 we are going to create Platense Solidarity Day, a date in which we are going to highlight the neighbors who, without expecting anything in return, help others to get ahead”

– “Today without a doubt the City is different. We are still waiting for Justice for what happened to us. We are sure that we are doing everything so that when it rains we can sleep a little more peacefully”

– “And today, thanks to commitment, investment and sustained work, the city is different. We are one of the most prepared cities in the country to face the rains”

– “We did more than 40 kilometers of hydraulic works that pass under our feet. We have a civil defense, a team specialized in climatic emergencies to go out and assist the people of La Plata”

– “We have SAME, the municipal ambulance system that attends to residents when they need it most on public roads. We have a model climate emergency committee in the country. Each year that passes we take a step forward and continue to carry out fundamental works “

– “Like the 137th street reservoir in Los Hornos, which when finished will contain 72,000 m3 of rainwater and prevent the city from flooding”

– “This year we are going to implement the second stage of the Risk Management Plan. Based on an agreement signed with the UNLP, we are going to go to the neighborhoods and schools to train all the residents”

– “We come from a lack of planning. From years of improvisation in which nothing was done to order the chaos or anticipate the growth that our city would have. The last census showed that La Plata is the city that has grown the most in recent decades “

– “The lack of planning led to there being no sewers. There being no water, something that is happening today in the neighborhoods that affects the neighbors and they are waiting for urgent solutions. There are no homes, traffic in the center whatever it is”

– “To that many kids have to take the bus and make a one-hour trip to go to school. To someone who has to drive 40 or 50 minutes every day to go to work or to a shopping center”

– “Or that many people from La Plata build their houses in a flood zone because urban growth was not planned. Decades of lack of planning led to all these things that undermine the quality of life of the residents”

– “From there we come, we cannot ignore the starting point. We came to build. To think about what city we want to have in the future and to work to achieve it”

– “Veredas a la Obra” is an example of all this: a policy that comes to solve a decades-old problem. And that today is a reality because we listen to the neighbors”

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