Cristina Kirchner honored the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo

In her turn, Cristina Kirchner alluded to the speech of Nestor Kirchner in the creation of the esma as Museum of Memory in 2004, and recounted: “I had told him ‘I wrote the speech’, and there was no way, he wanted to say what he said. And I think he honored his convictions and what he felt: Néstor thought and felt the same.”

“He felt that he had complied with each and every one of our generation, which was that of Argentines who exercised their convictions and also their mistakes, but unlike all politicians, if they were wrong, it was with their bodies. Not like others who they make mistakes and put the bodies of people who see their illusions frustrated,” he added.

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In this line, the head of the Senate affirmed that “Argentina from 2003, when it decided to take charge of the history of what had happened, is an example in the world because it is the only place where they were tried in the same country where atrocities had been committed.”

On the other hand, Cristina Kirchner assured that the “never again is forever” while he understood that “torture, death, jail today would not be tolerated by a country like Argentina.”

Today there are other ways, perhaps more underhanded, to close the dreams of those who think that a different world may be possible. They are no longer tanks, they go through the courts. Yes, there is a role for certain media; that method, that complicity has not changed“, he added.

Also, the president made reference to an article by the former president of the Central Bank, Frederick Sturzeneggerin which “he recounts that in 2015 he went to see Dromi and told him that he wanted to speak because they could win the elections. And he recommended expropriating C5N, taking away Cristina’s hotels. And, do you know what impressed me? That he is someone who thought about it, wrote it down and no one moved the ammeter. I mean: we must rethink the society we want to live in where anyone does anything and it doesn’t matter.”

Finally, Cristina Kirchner considered that “times are different, Argentine society was disciplined by the Dictatorship of 76`, it generated a fearful leadership. Nestor’s great role was to be undisciplined. And I was his disciple, too.

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“In 2003, no survey included human rights policies… it’s also daring. And you also had the courage to face torture and disappearance, and it’s because you are mothers, as Estela says. So that tradition of mothers We will always carry it in our hearts and thank them for everything they did and do,” he closed.

Meanwhile, Estela de Carlotto said: “I am so happy, this dear homeland deserves it. We deserve this homeland. And we must fight with the truth, with history, with the Argentine conscience so that this homeland is more ours every day, as they wanted our 30 thousand missing.”

Grandmothers are not special, we are mothers. And mothers know when they touch a child, they give their lives. We do not want this to happen again, and we will continue as long as it is necessary and we have a clear mindhe continued.

And he added: “The grandchildren are going to replace us, and this story, which is not unique, has never been defended as in Argentina, a country seen as brave, that helps, does not bite, embraces.”

Addressing Cristina Kirchnera, Carlotto said: “Love, we love her so much… We are going to continue working. Not those who think differently, those who blaspheme and lie, help them to think, to be good. And even if we think differently We are not enemies, we are Argentines.”

“Where we are, the Grandmothers are going to continue looking for those who are missing: there are 300. All these people that I see here, I say thank you for accompanying this beautiful act, on behalf of all the Grandmothers, of those who are and of the who are above, and this woman, unique, thank you,” concluded the president of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

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