Bartomeu to prison?  Barcelona will be denounced by the Spanish prosecutor for the "Negreira" scandal

Barcelona released sports sanctions for the case of payments to Enríquez Negreira, but Apparently he is not going to free her before the law, because the prosecutor’s office will denounce the Catalan club as a legal person for the crime of continued corruption or business corruption, which especially the former president of the club, Josep María Bartomeu, is in check who has been appointed as the main person in charge, like other managers during his tenure.

Being from Barcelona in these times is not an easy thing, even though they have tried to rescue the team on a sporting level. The reality is that the Catalan club has serious financial problems and snaps its fingers at each start of the season to register its players because of the salary mass, and now we must add this scandal.

Bartomeu as president of Barcelona
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What happened to Barcelona and the Negreira case?

In May 2022, the Spanish prosecutor’s office began an investigation into the Dasnil company, owned by the former vice president of the Technical Arbitration Committee (CTA), Enríquez Negreira, for certain irregularities and investigations showed that at least since 2001, This company received payments from FC Barcelona, ​​presumably for arbitration advice.

There is a record of payments for seven million euros from 2001 to 2018, the year in which the Catalan team cut ties with Negreira’s company. In that same one, the former director of the Arbitration Technical Committee He left that position and his company went bankrupt, since Barça was practically his only client.

Negreira testified before the Tax Agency and assured that Barcelona did not pay to obtain arbitration advantage in matches, but to ensure neutral and when he was called to testify before the prosecution, he refused to say a word, under the argument of suffering from Alzheimer’s, according to with the country. Baia, baia

"For so many favors rendered": This is how the Vice President of Referees demanded money from Barcelona
Negreira demanded money from Barcelona for the favors provided / Getty

Prosecutor’s Office will denounce Barcelona and Bartomeu

Joan Laporta has taken a huge break and it is that he will not be denounced for continued corruption, which in Spain is considered a serious crime, however, Bartomeu could go to prison.

The prosecutor’s office considers Barcelona guilty of this crime, as well as Josep María Bartomeu and part of the management of that management, despite the fact that he was not the only one who participated in the payments. The thing is that this offense came into effect in 2010, when Sandro Russell was president of the club, but in 2015 it was modified and by that date Bartomeu was the president, so he had the bad luck of being president right at that moment.

In this way, Bartomeu and his directive They are accused of fraud in the sports field and unfair administration.

Future: What's next for Barcelona without Josep María Bartomeu?
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What will happen with Barcelona and Bartomeu?

In most of the world, money problems are fixed with more money, whereby the Catalan club would have to pay a fine, as stipulated by law, which establishes punishments for “the managers, administrators, employees or collaborators of a sports entity, as well as athletes, referees or judges who intend to deliberately and fraudulently predetermine or alter the result of a test, meeting or sports competition of special economic or sports relevance”.

In addition to the club, there are natural persons with first and last names who They could go to prison for a period ranging from six months to four years. In other words, we could see Bartomeu, part of his board, as well as Negreira, in prison, and Joan Laporta’s Barcelona paying a heavy fine. This is the present of Barcelona.

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