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Fiscal summons against Flumencio Jayo Díaz, alias “Jorge”.

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In his statement -in Ayacucho- taken virtually from Dircote on August 23, 2022, Jayo Díaz acknowledged that he belonged to Sendero Luminoso and was arrested in 1981.

Statement by Flumencio Jayo Díaz

Statement by Flumencio Jayo Díaz

“The support of documentation, of papers is to obtain papers for the organization, premises, mobility, I coordinated with Dr. Martha Huatay Ruiz (…) after leaving the prison starting in 1989, 1990, I coordinated with Martha Huatay Ruiz, coordinated for logistic support.

Flumencio Jayo Díaz before the Prosecutor’s Office


“The judgment of March 13, 2006, issued by the National Criminal Chamber in file 466-03, which states that ‘it has been proven that Flumencio Jayo Díaz was a member of the Socorro Popular organization. He was in charge of providing support to the organization (Sendero Luminoso)”.


Declaration of "Feliciano" on Flumencio Jayo Díaz.

Declaration of “Feliciano” on Flumencio Jayo Díaz.

“Socorro Popular began to use car bombs as part of sabotage actions, starting in 1986. He adds that when he was arrested, through another person he found out that Flumencio Jayo Díaz was in charge of the family department and it caught his attention that it would not have been included in the Jarata case, while those directed had been tried”

Óscr Ramírez Duran, ‘Feliciano’, October 2017

Óscr Ramírez Duran, 'Feliciano', October 2017

Declaration of "Feliciano" on Flumencio Jayo Díaz.

Declaration of “Feliciano” on Flumencio Jayo Díaz.

“As soon as the defendant does not have a stable address, not knowing if he would be in the country, but, due to the penalty he faces, he could try to avoid the action of justice upon learning of the request for preventive detention, especially if there is no knowledge of his true whereabouts, since the intelligence unit of the Counter-Terrorism Directorate has not been able to locate him to date, making it impossible to carry out this measure.”

Prosecutor Pablo Espinoza Vásquez

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