Aries and the reality of the LGBTQIA+ community: “Spit, beating, insults.  I speak for those who suffer in silence”

Aries, participated in the episode of Le Iene broadcast on Tuesday 7 March. In his monologue, you recounted the harsh reality that members of the LGBTQIA + community still suffer today, between insults and violence.

Aries participated in the episode de Hyenas, broadcast on Tuesday 7 March. The artist, in his monologue, wanted to turn the spotlight on the discrimination and violence that members of LGBTQIA+ community they still suffer today, in the general indifference. The singer gave the example of some of the most recent cases, without forgetting those who suffer in silence.

Aries’ monologue to Hyenas

Aries has expressed his intention to try to be the spokesperson for the harsh reality that the LGBTQIA+ community experiences every day: “But don’t you feel the responsibility? This is the question they ask me the most. They want to know if I feel like a spokesperson for something. As a 20-year-old girl, happy, loved, free, I’ve always stood there, with my tail between my legs, looking for an answer. Can I really be the spokesperson for something, leave an important imprint? Today I try and I want to talk to you about the harsh reality behind the LGBTQ+ community, outside the bubble of social media and awareness“.

Aries intends to speak up for the voiceless

Here is the full text of Aries’ monologue: “The reality of a transsexual boy or a homosexual girl who feel the weight of those who don’t accept them every day, of the scars kept hidden. The reality of those who, unfortunately, are no longer there. February 2023, in Frosinone, a twenty-year-old lesbian is overwhelmed by spits, slaps and insults from her mother. ‘I would prefer a dead daughter’: she tells her“. And he continued:

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October 2022, in the province of Como, a 23-year-old waiter is threatened with homophobic expressions, chased, beaten to death and ends up hospitalized with head trauma and multiple trauma. Still October 2022, Naomi Cabral, a 47-year-old trans woman, is found dead in a hotel room. Also October 2022, for the third time in the same month, Chiara, a 19-year-old transgender girl, commits suicide in Naples after having suffered episodes of violence, bullying and marginalization. These are just some of the stories that have emerged, those declared, then there are the many who suffer in silence. And I want to speak for them. Bring out their voice. Don’t wait to ask for help. There are organizations like Gay Help Line who can offer you free help right away. Just a phone call to 800713713.

And he concluded: “But don’t you feel the responsibility? Yes, I feel it for the right things, for the real things, for Naomi, Chiara and who knows how many others, for human beings, never to forget it“.

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