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Youtubethe Google-owned video platform, has announced that it will remove overlay ads on all videos starting today, March 7, 2023. This decision comes after receiving numerous complaints from users, who have expressed frustration. by intrusive ads that interrupt the display of content.

Ad overlays, also known as overlay ads, are ads that appear at the bottom of the screen while a video is playing on YouTube. These ads are often animated and can be annoying for users trying to enjoy the content on the platform.

In a statement published on his official blogYouTube claimed that the removal of overlay ads is part of its efforts to improve the user experience on its platform. According to the company, users have expressed their desire to be able to enjoy videos without advertising interruptions, as is the case with YouTube Premium.

Removing the overlay ads will not affect the presence of ads on YouTube, as the platform will continue to show pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads on videos. Pre-roll ads are those that play before the video starts, while mid-rolls appear in the middle of the content and post-rolls play at the end of the video.

YouTube will end ads that overlay videos

The decision to remove overlay ads has been well received by users of the platform, who have expressed their joy on social networks. Many have hailed this move as a big step toward a friendlier, less intrusive user experience.. Logically, YouTube Premium users do not have ads.

However, some online advertising experts have raised concerns about the removal of overlay ads. According to them, these ads were an effective way to reach users and generate revenue for content creators on the platform.

Despite the concerns of the experts, YouTube has reiterated its commitment to improve the user experience on its platform and to listen to the opinions and suggestions of its users. The company has announced that it will continue to work on new forms of advertising that are less intrusive and more effective in reaching its audience..

YouTube has announced the removal of overlay ads on its platform as of March 7, 2023. This measure is part of the company’s efforts to improve the user experience on its platform. Yes indeed, advertising will not leave the Google video platform.

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