Adanero's review of the PSOE for the Montero Law: "If they are fed up with Podemos, why are they still in the Government?"

The Navarrese deputy Carlos Garcia Adanero has reviewed this Tuesday the PSOE and Podemos before the Plenary Session of Congress for the proposal to reform the law of only yes is yes: «The truth is that looking at it, it seems that this law has been approved by I don’t know who. That his government approved it », García Adanero reminded the socialists. «Welcome be the rectification. But this is a scandal. AND If they are so fed up with Podemos, what are they doing in the Government? Because someone will have to take responsibility. What’s that here? There are 700 victims who are seeing how sentences are being reduced. You recognize that these people are victims. There are (sexual) aggressors who were previously in jail, who are now on the streets, creating a problem for all women who may feel in danger,” García Adanero stressed.

«And they were warned, they were warned that what has happened was going to happen. They were warned with reports and they were notified in parliamentary headquarters. AND you did not pay attention. Not only did they ignore it, but they applauded with more force than they have applauded today in the rectification”, the Navarrese deputy recalled about the movements of the Socialist Party and Podemos against the warnings of lawyers and technicians about the fiasco that it was going to be the law of the Minister of Equality Irene Montero.

«And why have they rectified? They have rectified because socially this has been a scandal. You They wanted to silence every sentence that lowered the sentences for (sexual) offenders. They have wanted to silence them and since they have not been able to, they have had no choice but to come here to rectify», Adanero has revealed what he believes are the true motivations of the PSOE and Podemos.

«And you say with a voice and with good words that some rectification will have to be done. And Podemos says that the law is fine. And you say that this law must be rectified, which Sánchez said was a wonderful law, ”said the Navarrese deputy about the inconsistencies between the PSOE and Podemos.

“So, Who takes responsibility here? No one? This government with 700 sentences that have been rectified, with 70 more sexual offenders on the street, and nobody says anything? It is only worth voting here yes to the consideration. And is the issue already resolved? », He asked himself during his intervention. “Someone here has to take responsibility. Either the Government assumes it by making the part of Podemos resign or Podemos assumes it coherently by leaving the Government. What cannot be is that this goes ahead with Podemos against, with you in favor (PSOE), and everyone continues in the position, “he stressed.

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