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One of those great concerns that professionals in any sector are beginning to have is whether they could end up being replaced by a machine, and that is that due to advances in artificial intelligence, more and more machines are replacing many more human beings. .

And with the advent of technologies advanced conversational tools like ChatGPT and the like, concern has grown exponentially, as the artificial intelligence It is already capable of passing exams, creating code in seconds or writing any type of text.

Faced with that terrifying question of whether your job position is going to be in danger with the advent of new AI, a study wanted to be as clear as possible about it.

According to researchers at Princeton University in New Jersey, they have revealed the 20 professions most at risk of being replaced by a AIand it is likely that yours is.

The profession most at risk of being replaced by AI in the coming years is call center operatorHowever, more and more companies are using automated services to answer customer calls.

Other professions at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence are judges, psychologists, sociologists, political advisers, and a host of teachers, not only of languages, but also of history, law, and religion, among others.

The effect of AI at work will likely be multifaceted. In some cases, AI can replace work previously done by humans, and in other cases, AI can complement work done by humans.s”, reads the study published in arXiv.

One prominent example of how AI capabilities continue to advance is recent improvements in AI language modeling. In particular, ChatGPT, a language modeler released by OpenAI in late 2022, has attracted a great deal of attention and controversy.”, they comment.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers first built an algorithm that measures the extent to which AI could automate 800 professions, and then linked 10 AI-powered applications like translation, language modeling, and image generation, along with 52 human skills like compression. oral.

The results revealed the 20 Professions major ones that could be most at risk of being replaced with AI technologies, and as we said, many require a significant level of education, including accountants and budget analysts, among others.

The list of professions most at risk of being replaced by an AI

  1. call center operators
  2. English language and literature teachers (higher education)
  3. Foreign language and literature teachers (higher education)
  4. History teachers (higher education)
  5. Law professors (higher education)
  6. Professors of philosophy and religion (higher education)
  7. Sociology professors (higher education)
  8. Political science professors (higher education)
  9. Professors of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement (Higher Ed)
  10. sociologists
  11. Social work professors (higher education)
  12. Psychology professors (higher education)
  13. Communication teachers (higher education)
  14. political scientists
  15. Area Teachers, Ethnic and Cultural Studies (Higher Education)
  16. Arbitrators, mediators and conciliators
  17. Judges, magistrates judges and magistrates
  18. Geography teachers (higher education)
  19. Professors of library science (higher education)
  20. Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists

If unfortunately your profession is on this list, you shouldn’t worry either, because AI has come more to help than to replace.

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