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The Ukrainian front line this March 6, 2023. (AFP).


Ukraine has no weapons to go on the offensive on Russian territory

By Andrés Gómez de la Torre, Defense specialist

It is very difficult that Ukraine an invasion of Russian territory is considered because they have taken special care to defend the legality of their own borders.

And if one also sees the type of weapons that have been transferred from the United Kingdom and the United States to Ukraineparticularly rocketry, concludes that so far that short-range material it is purely defensive, does not serve to project a strategic offensive but only to defend. Even ground-to-ground rocketry has a limited range.

Thus, we are talking about a concept that is mentioned a lot in international relations today: limited or focused wars.

Is there another way to go on the offensive on the battlefield? Yeah, by drones. These are invasions of sovereignty but do not involve a traditional landing, with the use of military force in the sense of an invasion itself. It could look somewhere in between, but I do not think that Ukraine will risk making a maneuver on Russian territory of an offensive nature because of the reprisals that may occur. You have to remember that Russia has not ruled out the use of tactical non-strategic nuclear weapons as a deterrent. If Ukraine goes further in terms of running offense it would mean escalation.

What eventually could not be ruled out would be the use of surveillance drones, although that would also mean an escalation in the level of espionage.but it is very difficult for Volodymyr Zelensky to risk something so dangerous where the end result could be all-out war.

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Two people hold a flag with the symbol of the Russian Volunteer Corps.

Two people hold a flag with the symbol of the Russian Volunteer Corps.

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