TV column “Who wants to be a millionaire”: Suddenly, the Jauch candidate talks about her famous daughter

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Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs is fighting for a million in “Who wants to be a millionaire” and moderator Günther Jauch also tells about her daughter. Almost everyone in Germany should know that.

“In two seconds? You had no idea, you just played the piano,” Günther Jauch assumed of the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” candidate, who was the fastest in the selection round. Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs pleaded guilty. “Shall I tell you how high the statistical chance is that you hit the mark?” the moderator asked and immediately gave the answer: “1 in 24”. Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs countered quick-wittedly: “Yes, then I have to play the lottery.” Who knows, maybe she would become a millionaire today without the lottery. Four jokers should support them on this journey.

The former male nurse from Rückeroth in the Westerwald runs a cat boarding facility with her husband. Whether she “plays the piano”, as mentioned by Jauch, remained open. It was clear, however, that the candidate has something to do with music. At least given her famous daughter. Their career started in 2000. In the time before that, Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs had obviously not followed the charts fully.

Candidate tells “Who wants to be a millionaire” about famous daughter

This was shown by the 4,000-euro question: “In one of their biggest hits, ‘Extrabreit’ stated: ‘The little girls from the suburbs are wearing today…’?” The choices were: neon necklaces, cobalt braces, nose rings phosphorus or hair bands of sulphur. “That was your time,” Günther Jauch assumed, but Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs confessed: “That doesn’t mean anything to me.” The additional joker in the studio, who was about the same age, knew: “Nose rings made of phosphorus”.

Jauch stayed on the subject of music, but he switched to the candidate’s family life. She has “a daughter who can sing”. Jauch asked; “Where?” The surprising answer: at the No Angels. When asked by Jauch which member of the girl band her daughter was, Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs revealed: “the little blonde, Sandy”.

The career of the No Angels started 20 years ago. Jauch asked whether, as a mother, you were proud when your daughter made such a career, or whether you would shake your head at first. The contestant replied, “To be honest, at first it felt like someone put in a video and I was watching the video. But you get used to it.”

WWM contestant attended No Angels comeback concert

“It was crazy hype back then,” remembers Günther Jauch. In 2000, the No Angels formed in the talent show “Popstars”. In February 2001 they had their biggest international hit “Daylight In Your Eyes” which stayed at #1 on the charts for weeks. “It wasn’t healthy, I would say. They lived out of their suitcases 320 days a year, that was crazy,” said Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs, giving a glimpse behind the scenes of pop star life. What impressed the proud mother the most was the comeback: “It was pure goosebumps,” she recalled. “I knew they still had a lot of fans, but it was packed at the concert, they sang so that some of the girls couldn’t be heard. That was incredible.”

Worth 8,000 euros: “In October, you could read in many places about Akshata Murthy, the wife of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, that she was…?” Duchess Meghan”. Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs chose the former, but admitted to the moderator’s amusement: “I almost said you couldn’t be more bitchy than Meghan.”

Like many others before her, the candidate lamented: “Well, I have to say: If you sit here, you don’t know anything.” From the moderator’s point of view, on the other hand, it was gratifying that, unlike at home, where you don’t risk anything, “here fortunately would stagger from time to time”.

Sandy Mölling’s mother earned 8,000 euros

This was evident in the 16,000 euro question: “The logo of the Germans bears a striking resemblance to the Ukrainian flag…?” Train, post office, pension insurance, fairy tale route? The candidate’s brother, who acted as a telephone joker, was “overwhelmed” and Sprenger-Fuchs gave up. “Pension insurance” would be correct. She left with 8,000 euros. However, not without submitting another surprise after the no-angels sensation: “You are a rocker,” the moderator commented on a photo in which she was sitting on the motorcycle in leather gear. “Unfortunately, those times are over,” replied No-Angels-Sandy’s mother.

Naturopath Esther Gebhard from Hohenpeissenberg in Upper Bavaria earned 16,000 euros. Horse landlady Katja Istel from Villmar went with 32,000 euros. Henrik Volbracht, buyer at BER Airport, dropped from the 4,000 euro question to 500. Nursing student Christianna Quack, who advocates vegan fashion, was faced with the 8,000 euro question at the end of the episode. To be continued for you.

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