The perfect penalty taker exists and has a name: it's Ivan Toney, who has reached 22 consecutive goals from the penalty spot

Infallible. From the penalty spot, the 26-year-old Brentford striker Ivan Toney is never wrong: 10 consecutive penalties scored in the Premier League, 22 in total. The latest in the London derby against Fulham. But he could be one of the last, a super 6-month ban for betting is on the way.

When Ivan Toney shows up on the spot, now there’s one certainty: it’s a goal. Brentford fans have known this very well for some time and lately even the opponents who have always capitulated from 11 meters have noticed it when the 26-year-old from Northampton, who has been the London club’s striker since 2020, is batting. With which he scored all the penalties kicked, without ever missing a single one. The last Monday evening, in front of his home crowd, against Fulham with which he participated in the success in the Premier League, winning the London derby.

Without a run-up or particular movements, yet he always manages to overcome the opposing goalkeeper on duty: Ivan Toney has become ruthless and infallible when he has to shoot a penalty that his teammates now leave him with great pleasure. In the English Monday Night challenge between Brentford and Fulham, his goal in the 51st minute contributed to the 3-2 home success but above all it was the opportunity to enter the history of the best penalty takers ever.

From 2o21 to present, since Brentford returned to the Premier League, Toney kicked 10 penalties and all 10 went behind the goalkeepers. And the goal against Fulham brought him one step away from history: better than him in the English championship there is only Yaya Tourè with 11 out of 11 penalties scored. But there’s more: in total the perfect score is much higher and more impressive. There are 22 shots from 11 meters made by the Englishman and 22 are the consecutive ones put on goal: with the percentage of error equal to absolute zero.

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The last one against Fulham was the cover of an absolute champion’s score in front of which no one has yet managed to understand the secret to be able to stop him. And among his skills there is also that of being able to almost always invent a different trajectory, finding a way to displace the goalkeeper, impressing with his ability to find the perfect shot without showing any kind of difficulty. The analysis of his shots, in fact, reveals how by changing the angles the result does not change: always goals.

An English talent who has blossomed in recent seasons, taking the stage to such an extent that he had also entered the Southgate national team who had included him in the candidates for the 2022 World Cup. It is a pity that, as often happens, genius is linked to recklessness and Toney is no exception: due to a problem related to sports betting – which the young man later admitted following a federal investigation – he lost the perhaps unique opportunity to play for a shirt in the English national team in Qatar and is waiting to know his destiny: 6 months of disqualification, which could start from next May.

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