The one by one of the tie of Boca in the Bombonera

1-SERGIO ROMERO (10): He scored eight goal balls!: two Alanís, another Barbona, three to Uvita Fernández and two more in ST: Colombo and Benítez. If Boca did not lose, it was clearly because of his goalkeeper.

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Boca tied in a great match and did not reach the tip

17-LUIS ADVÍNCULA (5): Much more productive in attack than in defense, where Solari and Uvita complicated it, who even claimed an alleged penalty that the Peruvian gave him. Good cross for Langoni.

Sergio Chiquito Romero 3-6-2023

Chiquito Romero save

25-BRUNO VALDEZ (5): very static. Uvita’s speed left him off guard a couple of times. In the ST he stole well against Mosquera inside the area, came out playing and started a counter with Villa. He was shown as an alternative in attack. He missed easy passes.

4-NICOLAS FIGAL (6): He closed badly a couple of times inside the area, even in one he wanted to play out, but he lost to Alanís, who ended up one-on-one with Romero. He tried outside with no luck.

Video: Was Romero's elbow intentional?

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Video: Was Romero’s elbow intentional?

18-FRANK FABRA (4): Alanís made him have a difficult night: he always won the position, put him to sleep on his back and ended up in front of Romero. Nobility obliges: in front of him, in the middle, the Colombian had no one to give him a hand. He shot a good cross for Vázquez in the end.

Boca Juniors 3-6-2023

Pol missed the first of Boca

8-POL FERNANDEZ (4.5): More weight in attack than in defense: he left Varela alone. He went hand in hand in the area, but saved a defender on the line. Good cross for Langoni. Bad recoil.

5-ALAN VARELA (4): Loose: the medium was unbalanced. Gutiérrez, Escalante, Barbona, Solari and even Alanís, the times he closed were a lot for him. He threatened to settle in the ST (especially after the admission of Medina), but it cost him a lot. He risked many times too much.

Defense and Justice 3-6-2023

Alanís had it for the Falcon

oscar romero 3-6-2023

Romero’s elbow to Gutiérrez

10-OSCAR ROMERO (7): He burst the stick in the ST. The owner of the stopped ball. Good partnership with the trident above, he always looked for them. He cost her the kick. He elbowed Gutiérrez, the VAR checked and considered that it was not for expulsion. He opened the field very well.

Mouth: the rapporteur Daniel Mollo denounced that they squeezed him in the cabin for criticizing the CD

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Mouth: the rapporteur Daniel Mollo denounced that they squeezed him in the cabin for criticizing the CD

41-LUCA LANGONI (6): He rebounded well for Villa in a play that ended with Pol below the goal. Heading barely wide after a good cross from Fernández. Good ball for Pipa: crossbar from 9. He collaborated in the recovery.

Boca Juniors 3-6-2023

The celebrations of Boca prior to the match

9-DARIO BENEDETTO (6): He had one of the clearest of Boca in the PT: he received from Langoni in the area and from air he hit the crossbar. She battled with Colombo and Cardona, they made it difficult for her.

22-SEBASTIAN VILLA (7): He left Pol hand in hand in the PT. In the ST he was more like the spicy Villa that hurts with his speed. He always searched with passes inside the area and with shots on goal. He didn’t give in. He felt comfortable and this time he didn’t have Fabra’s company (very content and busy in the brand).

Defense and Justice 3-6-2023

Defense was close to the goal

16-MICHAEL MERENTIEL (6): He entered at 19 ‘for Pipa. He pressed, won and had Cardona booked. I play well for Briasco in an attack.

Videos: Romero's five saves in the first half

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Videos: Romero’s five saves in the first half

36-CRISTIAN MEDINA (6.5): At 19′ by Langoni. He received from Romero, faced and hit the goal: Unsain covered. He was support for Varela and Pol.

Dario Benedetto 3-6-2023

Benedetto burst the crossbar!

29-NORBERTO BRIASCO (5.5): At 33′ by Romero. He had his, but he bit the ball and covered Unsain. Another nice Briasco income from the bank.

38-LUIS VAZQUEZ (-): At 40′ for Villa He had the goal: his header in the small area went just wide. He teamed up well with Merentiel as well at the end of the match.

Boca Juniors 3-6-2023

Daniel Mollo said he was squeezed in the broadcast booth

20-JUAN RAMIREZ (-): At 40′ by Varela. A lot of will, participative, he won a couple of free kicks and had a rival booked.

Boca celebrated the Super Cup with a dedication...

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Boca celebrated the Super Cup with a dedication…

DT-HUGO IBARRA (5): The scheme did not work for him: the medium was overwhelmed and Fabra received three. The DT did make the changes well: Merentiel, Medina and Briasco entered barbarically.

Sergio Chiquito Romero 3-6-2023

Chiquito Romero save

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