The Lamplighters League: a stealth and tactical action game inspired by pulp adventure films announced on PC and Xbox Series X and S

THE Paradox Announcement Show 2023 should notably reveal to us the next project of Harebrained Schemesdeveloper of shadow run and futuristic strategy game Battle Techbased on a famous board game. His nickname is The Lamplighters Leagueand it will once again be a tactical experience, this time taking place in 1930s alternate.

Our mission will be to prevent the Court of the Outlaws to take orders from all over the world, leading a team of villainous adventurers, each with their own background and skills. The turn-based games will take us across the globe, from shipyards to wild jungles, to use our skills, why not infiltrating us to advantageous positions on the ground, taking advantage of the elements of the environment or rushing into the heap with our devastating weapons. Our heroes can be improved and personalized, and above all recruited to strengthen our ranks before the Banished Court not rally them to his cause.

Sneak, fly and open fire in the pulp adventure of La Ligue des Lampistes! Travel the world, discover thrilling locations and outsmart your enemies in this turn-based combat. Who knows, you might just save the world.

Harebrained Schemes, creators of Shadowrun Trilogy and BATTLETECH, brings you an all-new world inspired by the 1930s, where the tyrannical cult of the Circle of the Outcasts threatens to dominate the planet. For millennia, a group of heroic scholars known as the League of Lamplighters have successfully foiled the plans of this sinister cabal.

Unfortunately, the cream of the crop is no more and only the cream of the worst remains.

Recruit a team of misfits and scoundrels with unforgettable skills and personalities and hunt down the Circle of the Outcasts across the globe in a mix of real-time infiltration, turn-based tactical combat, mystery and heart-pounding adventure .

Strategy meets history, with class

  • Control a team of unique and dynamic characters, discover their skills and roles. Discover their history and their world over the missions. Each marginal contributes in his own way to the fight, by the selection of blows he has.
  • Explore varied locations and study the battlefield before heading in: sneak behind the enemy with the real-time infiltration system, cleanly eliminate stragglers and position your team to take advantage.
  • Exploit the more or less brilliant talents of your agents during thrilling turn-based combat. Add skills, gear, and upgrades so you don’t get overwhelmed by the growing threat of the Circle of the Outcasts!

Your worst enemy is the Countdown to Apocalypse

  • Hunt down the Circle of the Outcasts in an alternate 1930s version, from the docks to the deserts, from the jungles to the cities, to the wilderness. Make choices on a global level and prevent the enemy from setting in motion their evil plans!
  • Recruit new allies from the cream of the worst: scour the world for bandits and misfits and enlist them before the Circle does!
  • With each mission, your team gains resources and develops its skills. But be careful, stress and injuries are never far away!

Will you stop the Circle of the Outcasts from making the world their evil plaything? Come and find out in… La Ligue des Lampistes and La Tour de la fin du monde!

The Lamplights League screenshot 5 The Lamplights League screenshot 4The Lamplights League screenshot 3 The Lamplights League screenshot 2 The Lamplights League screenshot 1

If this new licence, which recalls the great adventure films pulp tempts you, know that The Lamplighters League will first be released on PC and Xbox Series X|S, at an unknown date.

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