The five most shocking cases of missing children in the world, which still do not appear

The most painful thing that can happen to any father or mother is the death of a child, but a situation that is on that border of pain is that a child disappears, why apart from the hope of finding them plays a factor in the mind very important, which can cause unstoppable anguish in the family.

For this reason, we present to you the most shocking cases of minors who disappeared years ago in the world and to date they have not been able to be located, despite the police and intelligence investigations that have been carried out. Although in several of these cases, there are inconsistencies, contradictions and theories very close to reality.

$!The five most shocking cases of missing children in the world, which still do not appear


At Chelmsley Wood, West Midlands, England 13-year-old David Spencer and 11-year-old Patrick Warren disappeared in 1996.

Their disappearances sparked years of anguish, desperate searches, and countless police appeals.

The last known sighting of the children was at a Shell gas station in Chelmsleywood shortly after midnight, where an attendant gave them a packet of cookies.

Patrick and David were reported missing in the early morning of December 27, 1996. The bicycle Apollo Patrick’s red, a treasured Christmas gift, was later found in the back of the gas station.

After she went missing, the friends became the first children to appear on milk cartons in shops in Iceland, as part of a campaign by the National Missing Persons Helpline.

Then, in 2006, on the tenth anniversary of Patrick and David’s disappearance, the families were given new hope.

West Midlands Police reopened the case, known as Operation Stenley, with officers questioning convicted murderer Brian Field, who was 70 at the time.

Field was jailed for life in 2001 for the 1968 kidnapping, rape and murder of Surrey schoolboy Roy Tutill.

He had been living near Patrick and David’s homes on Rowood Drive, Solihull, working as a gardener and odd jobs, and was a regular drinker in the area’s pubs when they disappeared.

But the violent pedophile denied any involvement in the disappearances.

Also in 2006, officers dug up a nearby field in Old Damson Lane in an attempt to find clues, but they abandoned the search several weeks later, finding nothing significant.

It was 600 yards from that police search, near the Jaguar Land Rover plant, that workers discovered human remains in November of last year.

the police of west midlands cordoned off the area following the grim discovery and conducted a fingertip search of the scene.

The remains were subjected to forensic and archaeological analysis, but police later revealed that they did not match the missing couple.

$!The five most shocking cases of missing children in the world, which still do not appear


On May 3, 2007, the McCann family’s vacation in a seaside resort in southern Portugal turned into a nightmare.

When the mother -who was having dinner with her husband and a group of friends in a restaurant a few meters from the house- went to the apartment to watch over her children, she discovered to her horror that the bed where her daughter was sleeping madeleine It was empty.

The disappearance of the little girl, who was then 3 years old, shocked the world.

What followed was an unsuccessful search that to date has not found a culprit, and that in the past has included as suspects the parents of Madeleine-Kate and Gerry– and more recently a German prisoner known as Christian Brueckner.

In 2008, the McCann publish sketches of a suspect, based on a description made by a British tourist who saw a “creepy man” near the resort.

In 2015, the British government reveals that the investigation has cost about 14 million dollars.

And the four formal suspects are excluded from the investigation, but a “significant line of investigation” is reportedly underway.

In June 2020, the police revealed that a 43-year-old German prisoner, identified by German media as Christian B., is a suspect in the case. German investigators classify it as a murder investigation and say they are assuming that madeleine she’s dead.

$!The five most shocking cases of missing children in the world, which still do not appear


On June 22, 1983, Emanuela Orlandi she asked her brother Pietro to accompany her to the flute class she had in the afternoon.

Peter refused. And it is one of the decisions that he regrets the most in his life, because that was the last time he and the other six members of his family saw Emanuela.

Orlandi She was 15 years old and one of five siblings in a family living in Vatican City, in Rome, because her father worked as a micro-state official.

His disappearance, after he went out to that music class, has been one of the intrigues in the recent history of Italy and, above all, one of the unsolved mysteries that continues to resonate within the Vatican walls.

$!The five most shocking cases of missing children in the world, which still do not appear


Vanessa Zamora she was 8 years old when she was seen for the last time on the morning of March 17, 1992. That day, she left her home in Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina, in the direction of a pantry located near the Chicamtoltina stream. She never reached her destination. The first version of what happened is that the girl, who was wearing flip flops, had fallen into the riverbed and drowned.

On April 3, 2001, then-judge Nereo Maggi declared to the local press: “The girl was wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops, and no trace of that clothing was found. At the time, 10 flip flops were thrown into the water and they all appeared.

That hypothesis ruled out, the Justice began to investigate the existence of a possible kidnapping with a sexual meaning, for the purpose of sale, illegal adoption or organ trafficking. Six judges and prosecutors investigated the case and today the file has more than 1,600 pages. It was never known what happened.

$!The five most shocking cases of missing children in the world, which still do not appear


He disappeared on March 10, 2007, very close to his home in the town Canaria de Vecindario, Spain.

In 2017, a man, Antonio Ojeda “El Rubio”, in prison for having assaulted a minor in 2012, became a suspect. A cellmate claimed that Ojea had told him a story that implicated him in the disappearance of the little canary. It was the last of a short list of suspectsbut the case remains unsolved.

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