The 8 Spaniards who change the world from social networks

Next Wednesday, millions of people will take to the streets all over the planet to claim that, as the United Nations reminds us, women’s rights are human rights. International Women’s Day is about making visible those who have no voice, the oppressed, and feminism that fights for equal rights throughout the world is ‘celebrated’, also from Spain.

And to prepare for that 8M in which the sidewalks turn purple, ENCLAVE ODS begins to warm up. For this, we have selected 8 social media accounts run by women from our country who, with their activism, are changing the world.

1. Modern Town

With 1.7 million followers on Instagram, modern village She is one of the most recognizable characters of the networks and of feminism in our country. Behind the protagonist of dumbfounded (Planet, 2017) and pussydramas (Planet, 2002) is Raquel Corcoles.

With his comics and his podcast Two very legal blondes –presented together with the comedian Henar Álvarez–, this Catalan illustrator claims the empowerment of all kinds of women.

2. Adriana Boho

“There is no one else who does it, neither black nor white, there is no influencers to denounce actively, because nobody gets wet”, recounted Adriana Boho to EL ESPAÑOL last 8M. She is one of those few who tries to denounce racism, bullyingmachismo and lgtbphobia in their networks.

With 213,000 followers on Instagram and more than 700,000 ‘likes’ on TikTok, this stylist and influencers tries to launch its message in a pedagogical way. Because, he says, it’s important to “instill in people that those kinds of things (racism, in particular) they have to cease to be made or they have to cease to exist“.

(The influencer Adriana Boho, 8M and racism: “Where does the black woman fit into Spanish feminism?”)

3. Croquetly

“Fat people doing things, tell me”. With that phrase, with which the first video of the series of the same name began, social networks catapulted the woman behind the account croquetly. At that time, back in 2021, mara jimenez It went viral and since then he has not stopped using irony to raise awareness about fatphobia.

With his 434,000 followers on Instagram, Jiménez teaches a lot about aesthetic violence and its consequences, about the Eating Disorders (TCA) and about how the prevailing beauty canons affect the mental health of people.

(Mara Jiménez, ‘influencer’ and activist against fatphobia: “In the end you see the haters with compassion”)

4. Oh! mamiblue

veronica sanchez is behind the 491,000 followers of the Instagram account Oh! Mamiblue and his ‘ode’ to non-normative families. From her platform, this content creator shares intimate moments with his wife and her children to claim that there are as many types of family as there are people on this planet.

(Oh!Mamiblue creates ‘yosoLOVEoamor’, Verónica Sánchez’s sustainable fashion brand)

5. Climabar

the touch more echo from this list they put it Belen Hinojar and Carmen Huidobro. They are the creative and the environmentalist behind climabar and his 39,800 followers on Instagram. With a few beers (or wines) in hand, the two young activists review current events from an environmental perspective.

(5 Instagram and Tiktok accounts with which you will learn to be more ‘green’)

6. Chloe’s Mom

Caroline and Chloe share this account about the trans childhoods In our country. With 97,000 followers, Chloe’s mom shows on Instagram the concerns of the minor, the discrimination she faces in her day to day and also her joys, and how they face everything as a family. Together, mother and daughter, they make visible the reality of trans people in Spain.

7. Daughter of immigrants

Saffia El Addam is behind the account daughterofimmigrants and of her 74,900 followers on Instagram, where she tells how she lives in Spain being precisely that, the daughter of migrants. His anti-racist activism in networks has led him to promote campaigns on-line such as Voting is a right —to ask migrants and children of immigrants to vote—, I give you my vote, I give you an appointment or Anti-racist purchase.

(Safia El Aaddam: “Spain is racist, but it should not be seen as an insult or as something bad”)

8. I can do everything

Paula Cisneros he has 178,000 followers on Instagram and 2 million on TikTok. With their account Yolopuedotodo they try to break prejudices about the Down’s Syndrome. From her social networks, this teenager seeks to “dispel” the most common myths about her genetic condition.

(Paula Cisneros, 1 million followers on Tiktok and Down syndrome: “They don’t dare to talk to us”)

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