"That's not possible!" - Corpse under sofa: verdict after deadly sex date

“Oida, that’s not possible. Another dead man,” Christian S. said indignantly on the first day of the trial before the judge in Vienna. The dead man was found under his sofa bed 25 days later. The jury unanimously finds the defendant not to blame for the man’s death…

Christian S. sits comparatively calm and relaxed in the dock at the Vienna Regional Court. An unusual picture if you remember the 52-year-old on the first day of the trial. He was by no means taciturn, described the events in detail and almost emotionally. Already the second dead person in Christian S’s apartment. “Not another one who is falling asleep there now,” he commented on his thoughts at the beginning of the process about the 47-year-old man who was found dead in his apartment. And it was only 25 days later under a pull-out sofa bed in Christian S’s apartment. A man had died at his home from an overdose before that. However, the prosecutor dropped the case due to lack of evidence. But he now has to answer for the death of the 47-year-old. Overdose injected, raped and also robbed On September 30, 2021, they had arranged to have chemsex – sexual intercourse under complete drug intoxication. The public prosecutor also notes a dangerous undertaking in the process. “I never looked for chemsex. I fell into it,” said the 52-year-old. The victim did not survive this “date”. According to the indictment, Christian S. is said to have given him an overdose of liquid ecstasy, “the rape drug par excellence”. While the victim was lying listless and unconscious on the bed, the accused sexually assaulted him. He even recorded it on a video that was shown to the jury behind closed doors on the day of the verdict. The sister of the deceased then breaks down crying, the faces of the lay judges show horror. Not enough, Christian S. is said to have left the man in his apartment and took a taxi home to the victim. There he packed up the TV, made his way back to the unconscious man and sexually assaulted him again. “In my career as a taxi driver, I only transported a television twice,” the driver can remember. In addition, the defendant would by no means have given the impression of being completely impaired. As Christian S. states. A considerably pathological character plus a personality disorder. Peter Hofmann: “Someone who is highly intoxicated cannot behave in such an orderly manner. Although drug use certainly played a role, I assume he was always sane.” The assessor also diagnoses him as having a significant medical personality and personality disorder Christian S.’s past can be determined. “He comes from a really unfavorable social background,” says Hofmann. Even as a child, he had behavioral problems and had completed the special school with great difficulty. His first appearance in court in the 1990s: he was convicted of cruelty to kittens and budgerigars. The court psychiatrist recommends the accommodation in the current trial all the more: “You can assume that the accused is traveling in a completely different world. There’s a good chance this will happen again. Homicide is to be expected,” says Hofmann, giving his expertise. The body is wrapped in ten garbage bags and two bed sheets. The police found the dead man in Christian S.’s apartment wrapped in ten garbage bags and two bed sheets – after 25 days he turned himself in. The coroner described the condition of the corpse in the courtroom in pictorial terms, which caused grimaces in the jury and spectators And it was precisely this condition that made the autopsy of the dead extremely difficult: “It is difficult to draw conclusions about the concentration of the substances that the dead person took or was administered.” What is certain is that liquid ecstasy and mephedrone – so-called bath salts – could be proven. And that the victim’s left arm had a syringe stuck in it. Which he couldn’t possibly have injected himself, his right arm was shortened, stiffened and his thumb was missing. No objectified proof “that my client injected the drug”. The medical expert also states that the two drugs were not injected, but swallowed. The defense attorney Anna Mair (Astrid Wagner law firm) is therefore certain: “There is no objective evidence that my client injected the victim with narcotic drugs.” She pleads for an acquittal. “His show ends here. That was his last appearance.” “There is no doubt that he raped the victim and is responsible for his death,” the prosecutor said in her closing statement. “Especially on the first day of the hearing, one had the impression that he wanted to put on a show with you as the audience. Christian S. tried hard to play the role of his life in this courtroom. But his show ends here. That was his last appearance. “Meekly and almost modestly, Christian S. asks in his last words in the process: “I would like to ask you not to judge me. I’m not putting on a show here. I am a good person. If you find me innocent, I swear I will not engage in drug sex.” Not all of the charges are acquitted, but the main ones. The jury is unanimous that the man did not have intent to kill, did not give him the drugs. He is sentenced to an invalid seven years in prison for sexual abuse of defenseless people and robbery – he stole gold and jewelry from a second victim on a sex date. In addition, you will be admitted to a forensic therapeutic center.

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