Final Fantasy XVI announces a pre-launch demo of the game

This is quite a mystery.

Promotional image of Final Fantasy XVI, the new game of the franchise.

Square Enix is, without a doubt, one of the most important companies in this industry, and it was responsible for popularizing RPGs of Japanese origin, in addition to laying the foundations of this type of video game. Over the years, in addition, they have been settling in this aforementioned genre, providing us with experiences of all kinds, one of the most recent being Octopath Traveler II, a video game of which our analysis is already available.

Even so, the most anticipated title of this company, at present, turns out to be the new installment of its most beloved franchise. We have already given you our first impressions of Final Fantasy XVI, so you can learn more about the title, but it is in the interviews that we have met in recent days, where more details have been given to us.

Even so, there are still certain questions that do not have answers, precisely because they have not wanted to give them. Among them is the case of the engine used to develop this gameand it is that Square Enix seems not to want to make known what it is.

It is not known, and it seems that they do not want it to be known

Specifically, this has been revealed by the Skill Up YouTube channel, who asked Square Enix about the game engine. According to what they say, they first asked if you are the Luminous Engine, to which they answered no. Later, he decided to ask if it was in Unreal Engine, to which again, they answered with a negative. With this, he decided to ask directly what engine it had been developed with, to which they decided to refuse to answer.

We cannot know exactly why they do not want to answer, but the reality is that there are 2 options: that it is developed with one of these two engines, and they do not want to confirm it, or that is developed with the same engine as Final Fantasy XIVsomething logical considering that the person in charge of both games is the same.

Of course, we can say that this is not particularly important information either, which is why we do not have to despair of not knowing it, but nor can we understand why they do not want to reveal it.

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