"Shortcuts have plagued your reform", "Losers, our journalist found some quickly"Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine receives Elisabeth Borne and is determined!

The bus, the train, or another means of transport,… This Tuesday, March 7, getting around the cities will be a challenge if not impossible. Indeed, France should be blocked on the sidelines of the day of mobilization against the pension reform. A day teased for several weeks which aims to bend Elisabeth Borne and her government on the question of pensions. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine also opened hostilities this Monday, March 6 on the set of “C to You”. Or rather, tried to prove to the Prime Minister that this reform was going to make “losers”.

“The shortcuts, the approximations, have weighed down your reform. Olivier Dussopt said yesterday in Le Parisien ‘with this reform, there will be no losers’. However, losers, Madam Prime Minister, our journalist unfortunately has some easy to find”first lamented the presenter before adding: “In particular Jean-Claude, professor of literature and history in Seine-et-Marne and Pascal, tourism employee”. Precisely, Jean-Claude, appeared a few seconds later in a magneto concocted by the daily France 5. During his intervention, this professor took stock of his situation.

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Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine “attacks” Élisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister does not break

“I was born in 1963. I have been a teacher in a vocational high school in history letters since the start of the 1989 school year. In the current situation, I can leave at the full rate at 62 years old”he notes before lamenting: “with the reform, I will have to work an additional 9 months, i.e. an additional school year, which makes me a loser in this reform”. Same story on Pascal’s side.

“I started working at 16, I’m 60. And currently, I can retire except that I had planned, seeing the amount of my retirement, to stay two more years to have a slight surcharge”. But to be entitled to it, in the event that the reform enters into force, Pascal will be obliged to remain “work until age 64”. He will therefore have to stay four more years. “So there will be losers! Contrary to what Olivier Dussopt says”, tried to make Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine aware. Unfortunately not enough to make Elisabeth Borne flinch. “So it all depends on what you call ‘losers’. We are not going to tell you that there are not going to be people who will work harder to ensure the future of our pay-as-you-go pension system”defended the Prime Minister, proving, once again, that she always excelled in finding a parade.


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