Sheinbaum calls feminists who defend Glorieta de Mujeres que Changan "racist and classist"

The Roundabout of the Women who Fight It has caused quite a bit of discomfort. Government of Mexico Cityto the extent that the head of government dedicated some flowery words to them. Claudia Sheinbaum said the feminists who defend this anti-monument are “deeply racist and classist.”

That phrase, released while he was resuming his work camp tours in Mexico, was not for free. Actually, Sheinbaum is promoting the construction of another monument; one that is approved by the Government.

This is what the Young Woman of Amajac would look like, the government statue that would remove the anti-monument from the Glorieta de las Mujeres que Luchan // Photo: CDMX Government

The Government’s proposal, which would remove the Roundabout of the Women who Fight —installed as a protest by feminist collectives in CDMX— is a giant figure called The Young Woman of Amajac. It is a statue inspired by a pre-Hispanic piece found in the Huasteca Veracruzana.

‘Racists and classists’, says Sheinbaum

Disguised as a speech against discrimination, Claudia Sheinbaum said that feminists who want to keep the Roundabout of the Women who Fight are against indigenous representations. On the way, he called racist and classist to the feminist groups that originally installed the protest.

Those who do not want the Young Woman from Amajac, a Huastec figure found in Veracruz (…) that a replica is in Reforma. Women who don’t want this, deep down are deeply racist and classist.

Phrase by Claudia Sheinbaum on the Glorieta of the Women who Fight

“We fight against all discriminations”, said Claudia Sheinbaum. He finished dressing his speech by taking a phrase inspired by AMLO out of his hat: “That is called Mexican humanism.” Here below we leave the video.

Of course, these statements have not been very well received by the feminist groups that defend the Roundabout of the Women who Fight. A antimonument in CDMX which, you may recall, was originally installed in 2021 —as a protest against gender violence— just when The space was opened in Paseo de la Reforma for the removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus.

This discussion has provoked a conflict, initiated by the words of Claudia Sheinbaumabout how public space is used. Especially the difference between an anti-monument of protest and one figure set by the government.

“La Glorieta is not for sale, it is loved and defended”chanted protesters this weekend, in a protest that took place in front of the Glorieta of the Women who Fight. According to his statements in Political Animalthe attacks of the head of government are trying to erase the faces and names of the victims in Mexico.

The best of this case? Nor do the communities of indigenous women want La Joven de Amajac, as the government says.

“What we do not want is to be vindicated in stone”said Argelia Betanzos, a Mazatec lawyer, in an interview for so things in W Radius. “We need just causes to be addressed (…) a government that has been said to be different, but that, in practice, in terms of justice, we indigenous women do not feel any difference.”

In his defense, in the same program, the Government of Mexico City —in the voice of Martí Batres— said that it was not worth a group saying: “It is our gazebo and only our antimonumenta fits here.”

Let’s see how this entanglement ends in the Roundabout of the Women who Fight. Meanwhile, days after the demonstrations of the 8MWe are facing a difficult moment for the Government of the CDMX decides to remove an anti-monument arising from the feminist social protest, looking to put up a statue that they did approve. What do you think of the situation?

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