Oriana Marzoli: “How much patience with Daniele.  I like it when he is sweet, not when he talks back to me”

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

The episode of Big Brother Vip on March 6 was full of surprises for Daniele Dal Moro. Not only did he have a sweet confrontation with Oriana Marzoli, but he also received a letter from his mother Loretta and a visit from Wilma Goich.

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

In the episode of Big Brother VIPbroadcast on Monday 6 March, Alfonso Signorini gave ample space to the Oriele. Oriana Marzoli she was invited to reach the confessional to talk about her relationship with Daniele Dal Moro. The competitor highlighted how the gieffino has changed for the better, thanks to its proximity:

I realized that since he’s been closer to me, he’s changed a lot, he’s improved a lot. He didn’t talk to anyone before. He has fun, laughs, jokes. When he says I bring out the worst in him, I feel terrible. He feels in a difficult context to get to know a person and does not let go. I, who am one who really doesn’t think about it at all, have a hard time.

Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro talk about their relationship

Thus, Oriana Marzoli revealed the characteristics she loves most and those she tolerates least about Daniele Dal Moro: “What I like? When it’s sweet, I love it. When he doesn’t consider me, I don’t like him. He’s kind of weird in that sense. When he talks back to me or has no patience, I don’t like him. The way I am, I have a lot of patience with him. I don’t know until when…” Alfonso Signorini took the opportunity to ask her why she has the bad habit of lurking behind the door of the confessional to eavesdrop on what Daniele Dal Moro is saying. The gieffina clarified:

Not to everybody. I’m interested in what Daniele says, because I like it. I don’t do it all the time, I only do it when he’s mad or I’m mad at him, to know what he thinks. But I understood that it can’t be done, that it’s not a nice gesture. (…) He said that he has an affection for me, but I think as a person…

Thus, Daniele Dal Moro reached Oriana Marzoli in the confessional and clarified that he had gone too far with her because he noticed a certain distrust: “I tried to open up a bit and tell her my thoughts. I hope it helped to make him understand. I hope so, then the days will give me more certain answers. I spoke to her with an open heart, I hope she takes these words as true and not just to say“. As for how things will go outside, however, Oriana declared that she likes the idea, but it scares him. Dal Moro specified: “Oriana scares me in here more than out. We have already organized a weekend with Tavassi, as soon as we leave“.

Edoardo Donnamaria: “Antonella and I are at constant war, but we make peace every day”

Daniele Dal Moro receives a letter from his mother Loretta and is moved

Daniele Dal Moro was invited to reach the courtyard. His mother Loretta wrote him a letter, in which she encouraged him to trust him and explained that by following him in recent months, she had the impression that reality TV is almost having a therapeutic function for him. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

Hi Daniel, how are you? I’m asking because sometimes you still have “that thing” that comes up when you’re angry at yourself and you say to yourself: Now I don’t want to be wrong anymore. I want to try to do everything right and if I suspect that someone is preventing me, I avoid it. Since you are very sensitive, your feelings emerge, your altruism, your generosity, which fortunately you do not escape. For this you need to trust, you need to start from here to get better. That’s your goal, gf is your therapy. It is a strong experience that forces you to reflect on your behavior. You said to me: “Mum, let’s hope we find a good group and I’d say it went well”, so now don’t worry. Forward with that strength you have always shown in the toughest moments. Mom.

Daniele Dal Moro melted into tears: “I never talk about my mom, if you notice. She is similar to me, too sensitive. Sensitivity gives you so much, but it also makes you suffer so much. I always say that people like my mother shouldn’t be there, for her sake. I try to say little about it, but the truth is that I love it. Everything I’ve done in life is actually to see her happy“.

The meeting with Wilma Goich

An evening full of surprises for Daniele Dal Moro, who also saw Wilma Goich again. The singer took the floor: “You look good. Antonino told me to tell you that you are great. I missed you so much and I still miss you so much, I miss our talks, our looks, the security you always gave me during my moments of nervousness, anger, fear and sadness. But I have to say that I noticed a certain nervousness and anger in you that I didn’t like. I wondered: ‘But why does he have to have these shots, he who is so sweet and sensitive’. However, now I’ve noticed that you’ve mellowed. Your sweetness reaches me as it does to everyone“. Daniele Dal Moro said he was delighted to see her again and said he missed her.

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