Now wait....Farmen-Viktor said WHAT to Anna Brolin after he left?

Sunday’s episode of The Farm can certainly rank as one of the most eventful in the program’s history.

During Farmen 2023, the participants have played very hard and the gang has been divided into two camps. On the one hand have Christoffer Hammarlöf and Artin Ghookassi found each other and on the other side we have then Viktor Bergström who, throughout the course of the competition, stabbed people in the back.

What few knew was that it would all end with all three going out.

Christoffer and Artin settled the sack. Image source: TV4

After Christoffer came out victorious from the sack came the big turn. Artin would tell on the spot who he wanted to make next week’s big farmer, which was Christoffer, who then chose Viktor as the first fighter. Viktor who would immediately get to choose a second fighter to face on the spot – which happened Thora.

Viktor met Tora in Farmen 2023

The competition was then about different knots, which Tora took home by a good margin. This meant that Viktor was also eliminated from the competition.

– Well, how does this feel for the Greek god?, asked Anna Brolin the disappointed Viktor.

– Yes you Anna, you can say that you succeeded in what you always do today?, said Viktor.

– Which is?, asked Anna.

– To make me fall, answered Viktor, followed by the rest of the participants and also Anna starting to laugh.

The other participants. Image source: TV4

Viktor has previously playfully flirted with Anna. Among other things, after the season’s midsummer party.

“Excuse me, where did you say?” Image source: TV4

Anna then talked to the participants about how the evening had been.

– You got to have a midsummer party, Viktor, how was it?

– It was really fun. You should have been there.

Many of the other participants burst out laughing. Image source: TV4

– Well, what would I have experienced then?

– What would you like to experience? I don’t know, I might have trolled you a bit…?

– Excuse me… what had you done you said?

– We would have seen what had happened…. maybe you are a difficult fish to catch?

You can see the farm Sundays-Thursdays on TV4 and Cmore.

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