Not even which one to go to, between Delfina and Del Moral

In the period of inter-campaigns in the State of Mexico, it could be said that the candidate of Morena, PT and PVEM, Delfina Gómez, marches with a single-digit advantage in the polls over Alejandra del Moral, of the Va por el Estado de México coalition, made up of PRI, PAN, PRD and Nueva Alianza, however, either of the two will be the first governor of that entity and not on their own merits, but because there is no other candidate, due to their own mistakes and “powerful exogenous forces”. .

Among the people of Mexico, the figure of President López Obrador and his party do not have the positive percentages in the surveys that they present in other latitudes and this fact is already of their own, a great concern for the cause of the teacher Delfina, who due to her inability to continue to grow among the popular spirit of voters in Edomex, has caused alarms to go off in the Morenista barracks, given the real possibility that she will lose again in another election for governor.

There have not been one, but several meetings that have been held in the National Palace commanded by the president and attended by, among others, Mario Delgado, head of Morena, Horacio Duarte, campaign coordinator for Delfina, Claudia Sheinbaum and Cuitláhuac García, leaders who are up to their necks in the political operation that seeks to elevate the Texcocan woman.

The operators of the Head of Government and the Governor of Veracruz tour the Mexican territory with the people of Customs, where Duarte dispatched as head. Each team is in charge of covering the central, western and eastern areas of the State of Mexico where the most inhabited municipalities are located and whose response from their residents has not been favorable to the cause of the morenos and their remoras, in fact, in The unspoken polls show that the long tail of corruption that Delfina Gómez drags has not allowed her to gain more followers and, in the best of cases, has stagnated, which is why her replacement in the candidacy is not even ruled out. “for health reasons”.

The former head of the SEP has already reached its peak and that the campaign has not yet begun, where the dirty war and the rags that will be taken out in the sun for his time in that unit, will leave his compatriots with a square eye.

And not only that, Mario Delgado will also experience a very adverse scenario due to his ties to the ‘Los Carmona’ clan, which has generated two files —say insiders— in the intelligence agencies of the United States, due to the flow of cash, among other ‘beauties’, to support various political campaigns of the Morena candidates, particularly in the state of Tamaulipas.

This is a time bomb that will explode at the moment that best suits the interests of the North Americans, and hangs like the sword of Damocles over AMLO’s political project, which seeks to maintain hegemony in power beyond this six-year term.

That’s right, gentlemen, with the beginning of the political campaigns on April 1st, hostilities will begin in Mexico and on both fronts they have enough parks to pulverize the enemies. On the alliance front, things are no better, since Alejandra del Moral suffers from pride syndrome, which prevents her from seeing things clearly. She already feels like the successor to Alfredo de Mazo and for this reason she disdains regional leaders who have been marginalized with her rudeness.

It is no secret to anyone that a good sector of the PAN members do not see her as their candidate and even less so the businessmen who were willing to offer their vast financial support, in addition to the fact that she has allowed characters of dubious reputation to be embedded in her team to handle issues delicate, for example, social communication.

The former PRI governors operate with mistrust in favor of Del Moral, since when observing that Alfredo del Mazo himself has remained on the sidelines of the pre-campaign and will do the same in the campaign, they prefer not to put all the marbles in the basket of the former head of the Mexican Ministry of Social Development.

The fear that the state leader has of President López Obrador is of such magnitude that he will not do anything to make him uncomfortable. For example, when Horacio Duarte complained about the involvement of the governor’s press officer, Jorge Pérez, “in the dirty war against the teacher,” he was immediately fired.

Del Moral, at this moment is dominated by his arrogance and by a group of collaborators who do not see beyond their noses, and if we add to this that they do not have the human, economic and material resources that those in front have, that they are supported with everything from the federal government, the CDMX Government Headquarters and the government of Veracruz, since defeat is assured.

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