Meet Andru and his project full of nostalgia and lo-fi vibes

There is no doubt that in our country there is a lot of musical talent. The younger generations have been pushing very hard with quite interesting proposals and rhythms. But If you are into the nostalgic wave and in particular the lo-fi sound, we highly recommend that you listen to Andru.

This music has been on the national scene for several years, playing with a lot of bands and artists like Bratty, Ed Maverick, Bruses and even Little Jesus. However, for a while now, Andru put everything into his solo project and the truth is that it is something that cannot be missed, especially if yours are songs that give you a melancholic vibe

Meet Andru and his project full of nostalgia and lo-fi vibes
Photo via Facebook: Andru

Who is Andru?

Andru is a singer-songwriter from CDMX who was interested in music from a very young age.. But it wasn’t until he was 10 years old and being aware that he began to buy his own records. At that time he also discovered Nirvana thanks to MTV and like many others, he was blown away when he heard Kurt Cobain and company.

In addition to Nirvana, Andru also became a fan of The Beatles, as well as some artists he found on MTV, such as Blink-182, Avirl Lavigne and more. Right in her teens and influenced by emo and hardcore, she started playing with a few bands at the very early age of puberty..

“Since I was 13 I started playing in bands, and we had a show at the Alicia Forum. I remember that very fondly because I had no idea what it was. Obviously it was my parents and so on, but I didn’t know what I was doing there, I just wanted to play”.

Meet Andru and his project full of nostalgia and lo-fi vibes
Photo via Facebook: Andru

It was not until high school that Andru decided that he wanted to study and compose music., that is why he entered the guitar career in jazz and even took composition classes in classical music. However, his plan was to create incidental melodies for moviesalthough his life took many turns.

We say this because he began to go to more concerts, he got to know the Mexican music scene and he began to go on tour. Thanks to this, Andru was fascinated with him and left the idea of ​​composing songs for movies to dedicate himself to accompany various bands and artists in their live shows.

Andru went from playing with important Mexican bands and artists to launching his solo project

Between 2017 and 2018, Andru was in a slump and started uploading several videos touching his Instagram account. Unexpectedly, he received an invitation from the Tijuana band, Vaya Futuro to play with them. and little by little he made a name for himself on the national scene. Since then he has shared the stage with Little Jesus, Ed Maverick, Bratty, Bruses and more cool mexas artists.

In addition to his career as a musician alongside other artists and bands, Andru already had a project called Holbox. But it was during the pandemic, Just when the concerts stopped, he took advantage of his free time to start composing his own songs.

“I already had the thorn of making music alone, because I had only composed in a band. So I did this experiment of knowing myself making songs completely by myself. I started writing and suddenly I was already putting together songs, I recorded them and in February of last year I put together the band. I had never played the songs live, but that door opened and somewhat inadvertently the project was promoted ”.

Meet Andru and his project full of nostalgia and lo-fi vibes
Bratty with Andru in the video for “Voy en Auto”/Photo via Facebook: Andru

The first song that Andru published was “Capuccino”, a great song with a nostalgic vibe that tells us about a relationship as a couple in the midst of a pandemic. after this song more opportunities arose for this talented singer-songwriter will be able to show her project in front of thousands of people.

So you will have an idea, Andru has had the chance to open with his proposal the concerts of artists and bands such as Boy Pablo, Future Islands and cavetown. But right by 2023 he has much bigger plans that will surely win him more fans with his music.

In January 2023, Andru introduced us to “Hello Lola”, a sweet song with a melancholic touch that he composed thinking about the relationship with his dog and in the idea of ​​what he would say to her if he could speak. So if she’s looking for a song to dedicate to her pets, this is the one for her.

In addition to this simple Andru also released “Voy en Auto”, a song where he collaborates with neither more nor less than bratty (and that has a very cool video). As if this was not enough, also is about to release his first EP called I would do it all over againwhich excites us a lot and will surely hook you when you listen to it in full.

What is it that makes Andru special?

Undoubtedly, as we mentioned from the beginning, one of the strengths of Andru’s project is its soundbecause from the melodies to the guitar riffs in their songs they have that lo-fi touch, a combination that inevitably infects you with a beautiful melancholy and a certain familiarity.

In addition to Andru’s music, we must also recognize the honesty with which he writes his lyricsbecause it uses phrases with which anyone can identify that at the same time They convey a feeling that everything will be alrightalthough things are not always in our favor.

In a nutshell, Andru’s rolitas have a very laid back, good vibe that is sure to lift your spirits when you need it most. She herself told us that if she had to define her music with three words, they would be nostalgia, love and transparent.. And the truth is that we agree, because that perfectly reflects his project:

“Transparent because I feel that my way of writing the songs is very clear, I don’t feel that my idea is to do many layers (…) Love because I believe that all the time I am inspired by things that I am fond of, situations, places or people to the ones that I want or wanted. And nostalgia because I don’t know, but songs always come out with a bit of sadness”.

Meet Andru and his project full of nostalgia and lo-fi vibes
Photo via Facebook: Andru

So now you know, If you are looking for a proposal with a lot of heart and direct roles, you should give Andru a chance. And if you have the chance to see it live, don’t miss it, because as soon as you hear it, you will surely end up being fans of this Chilanga singer-songwriter.

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