Marvel shows that this character could kill Wolverine in just a few seconds

This member of the ’90s X-Men has the potential to take down Wolverine in no time.

Although Wolverine is one of the most powerful heroes, there is a mutant from the 90s that can finish him off in seconds.

Wolverine is not only considered one of Marvel’s best and most beloved mutants, but also one of its most powerful. This is possible due to the combination of his mutation, which allows him to pull claws through his knuckles, although he also has super-developed senses and an impressive healing factor, which has allowed him to regenerate from a drop of blood. But that’s not all, since his skeleton has been covered by an almost indestructible metal, Adamantium.

All these features make Wolverine one of the most powerful mutants and dangerous from Marvel. That is why there are not many characters that are able to disable or kill him in a matter of seconds. However, there is one member of the ’90s X-Men who can do it.

In the next lines we will tell you everything you need to know, including the identity of the mutant that has the potential to kill Wolverine quickly, regardless of its healing factor.

The identity of the X-Men member capable of defeating Wolverine in seconds has been confirmed

Although Wolverine is one of the most powerful mutants, there is one that is capable of defeating him almost instantly.

Although Wolverine is one of the most powerful mutants, there is one that is capable of defeating him almost instantly.

As we mentioned above, Wolverine has a ton of abilities that make him not just a real killing machine, capable of ending whatever comes his way, but also one of the strongest. And throughout the history of him in the comics, We have witnessed their various confrontations against other awesome beings.

Wolverine’s healing factor is one of the elements that makes him a difficult character to kill, as he is able to heal any wound and regenerate in complex situations. However, recently, it has been confirmed that a member of the ’90s X-Men exists who has the ability to override it and consequently destroy Logan.

To understand this, it is necessary to remember comic #4 of Astonishing X-Men, created by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira, in which you can see Blink, a mutant who is waging a complicated battle against Holocaust, the son of Apocalypse. And this is because the latter murdered Blink’s teacher.

Blink facing Holocaust and using his powers to defeat him

Blink facing Holocaust and using his powers to defeat him

During this fight, we can witness Blink’s mutant powers, which allow you to open portals to various sites, but is also capable of creating energy swords. And the most interesting thing about all this is that, with this weapon, he manages to go through the Holocaust armor like nothing, this being an important indicator of what could happen with Wolverine.

Because Blink’s energy swords can go through something as tough as this villain’s armorin a hypothetical fight against Wolverine, would also have no problem cutting his flesh, which leaves us intrigued as to whether the Adamantium will be able to resist cuts, although it is debatable.

However, Blink’s true potential to cripple Wolverine’s healing factor and kill him is his ability to open portals, since it could send Logan directly into outer space. And in this void, his ability to regenerate from him would not save him, as he would die. Blink was able to fight with all his might against Holocaust to avenge his mentor, Sabretooth, as he shared an emotional bond with him. And if we remember the history of confrontations and hatred between this villain and Wolverine, a confrontation between the mutant and Logan becomes totally plausible, in which she would try to finish off this hero.

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