Les fabricants doivent cesser de payer Hollywood pour faire la retape de leurs smartphones

There is a smartphone in this image. Samsung

There is a big problem in the smartphone industry. When was the last time you used your smartphone to make a movie? Never ? Well, there are at least two of us in this case.

But smartphone makers continue to promote their smartphone cameras and cameras to award-winning filmmakers. And yes, it is a powerful marketing tool. Because customers and prospects see how powerful these smartphones are. And so some pay a high price to benefit from the advertised advantages.

Moviemaking isn’t as easy as pulling out your smartphone and hitting the record button

And I’m not just talking about Samsung’s recent collaboration with director Ridley Scott to promote the new Galaxy S23 Ultra. Xiaomi, sony And Apple are equally guilty of glorifying smartphone video features by presenting them through the lenses of those who have spent decades mastering the craft.

The little message at the bottom is super important: yes, the film was made with an iPhone 14 Pro, but additional hardware and software were used. And the skills of professionals were also put to work for the assembly. Apple

The problem with all of this is that making movies isn’t as easy as pulling out your smartphone and hitting the record button.

Each of these films “Shot with a (Insert phone brand here)” goes through rigorous production processes that most consumers will probably never be able to duplicate. I’m talking about lighting equipment, specialized lenses, stabilizers, paid actors, post-production editors, and believe me this list is very long.

My smartphone, my two hands, and maybe a selfie stick from 2014

What do I have? My smartphone, my two hands, and maybe a selfie stick from 2014.

Here is the opposite of what I have at home. Samsung

In the defense of these smartphone manufacturers, the possibility of being able to make films with a smartphone is an asset. These films inspire creatives to produce with the cameras they have on hand, not ones they don’t have access to.

So here’s what I’m suggesting to Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Apple, and all the marketers out there right now sifting through the Hollywood catalog to find the next great director to pitch a humble movie idea to: side budgets of several million dollars. Show me an ordinary person using your camera functions. Show me someone I can relate to, someone who can prove that all it takes is a smartphone and a little creativity.

The phrase “Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg shoots an entire music video with just an iPhone” sounds great, and It is totally true. But I don’t plan to shoot a music video anytime soon. And I’m definitely not Steven Spielberg.

Source : “ZDNet.com”

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