Is your WiFi connection slow?  Maybe you are making these mistakes at home

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Today we all use the Internet. However, when the WiFi connection starts to fail at home it is inevitable to get desperate, renegade and try to fight with the service operator Internet.

Although many times these problems are due to some errors that we have with the use of some devices that slow down or worsen the service. computer today raises some of these errors.

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Everything starts from learning to differentiate between a router and a modem. While the latter is the box that brings the Internet connection to our own home, the first device that connects the modem and distributes the WiFi.

Do not hide the router. The first thing is to find a good location for the router, preferably in the central place of the house, without any electrical device nearby and far from a wall. It must be in a visible place. Also, you better not be between multiple walls that block the signal.

Internet speed. Internet speed can be an issue. In some cases it is not necessary to hire a very high fiber service. According to Computer Hoy, it is proven that people only take advantage of a minimum percentage of their service. Speeds greater than 300 MB are only necessary if many people live. The recommended is 100 MB.

Your own router. The operators usually give only one router, which should be returned and they are not usually the best on the market. It is best to have your own router. Thus, the speeds could improve and also the security.

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