The cars They have a huge number of light elements. The different light elements are intended to serve as warnings so that both pedestrians and other drivers know the location of the vehicle as well as its intentions. Now the situation has changed and some elements are purely aesthetic.

Until now, aesthetic lighting elements such as illuminated car logos They were banned in Europe. In fact, many vehicles that were launched in other markets could not be integrated into the European market until they removed this feature and if they did not do so, they could be fined by the administration.

The situation has radically changed and now illuminated car logos are already allowed in Europe. In fact, the new Volkswagen Touareg is the car which has just been released and integrates this feature. The illuminated logo is a completely aesthetic element and, in fact, it does not contribute much in terms of security like the rest of the lighting.

The European Union has given in because several car companies have filed a lawsuit and, although in principle the changes were to be applied as of 2025, now the situation has meant that they are applied years in advance. In fact, as of the first quarter of this year, these cars with illuminated logos are already allowed in Europe.

Illuminated logos on cars: this is the new aesthetic of cars

Of course, despite the fact that they are now approved, this does not mean that car companies can choose the colors at will. These car logos must meet certain necessary characteristics for the administration to approve their use in the different vehicles of the different brands.

The rules are as follows: the illuminated logo must be inside a surface that is not an external element and the colors allowed will be two depending on the position of the logo, being white if it is on the front and red if it is on the front. to be in the back. In case of non-compliance, the user risks a penalty.

Bearing in mind that, now, illuminated logos are already allowed and will not entail a sanction by the administration, as long as they meet the aforementioned conditions, we will have to wait to see how they are adapted The manufacturers to this new regulation that will give them some leeway to integrate these aesthetic changes into the car.

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