How to get there: 10 tricks that lead to your personal empowerment

This is how you get there
10 tricks that lead to your personal empowerment

Life is full of choices and new opportunities – we just have to learn to seize them! We’ll show you the tricks you can use to achieve your personal goals.

It takes time, courage and the right strategy for us to learn something new. These 10 tips can help you stay focused and improve your skills.

1. The power of choice

Big changes start with a first step. But: not a big one. Usually there are several small ones that build on each other and slowly lead to the goal. Sometimes it takes weeks, months or even years. The time frame should therefore always be conscious and realistic. Just one percent change can make a big difference. Imagine your path as a ladder that you climb hand by hand and foot by foot. If you try to reach all the rungs at the same time, you will only fall down. So always think about the first small step and not immediately about the last one.

2. Change your mindset

The way you see yourself can get in the way of many things and influence your decisions. Going from “I can’t do it” to “I can’t do it yet” can make a difference. Your self-built walls become smaller or even collapse. This simple trick shows you what goal you are working towards and that you can make it possible with practice – only at this moment it is just not ready yet. Whether you can do it also depends on whether you invest enough time – and whether the goal is worth this investment. Mistakes are part of it. It’s just important to learn from the mistakes as much as you learn from the successes.

3. Show perseverance

If we make it to the final after a long period of preparation, that makes us proud. When we have heart dreams, we often have this drive quite automatically. Then if we are convinced of a goal, we believe that the effort is worthwhile. That’s why we stick with it in difficult phases. What helps with difficult tasks is the idea that with hard work and practice, things will gradually get better – always keep the goal in mind.

4. Be thankful

Gratitude is one of the strategies that research has shown makes us happy. Even weak positive emotions can help us feel better. Thank yourself for your work and what you have achieved. Maybe start with five things you’re grateful for today and try to feel the positive effects on your mood.

5. The little things

This point doesn’t have to have anything to do with your goal. It can be the flowers in front of the window, the bird family in the tree or the delicious coffee or tea. If you’re just stuck, they can be little nuggets of gold for your soul. When we bite too hard, we often lose desire and drive. Small breaks are important for your personal well-being.

6. Socialize

Talking to someone about something else will help you lower your stress levels and positively influence your emotions. If all you want to do is bury your head in the sand, friends can help you see more clearly again. It is therefore a good idea to regularly exchange views on how things are going and what news there is when you reach your goal.

7. Find your own strengths

Strengths can be learned and developed. Are there things you are good at or particularly enjoy doing? Friends can often provide exciting input here. Some things are obvious: for example, someone is good at drawing, playing the guitar, speaking in front of people, or calming others down. All of these can be strengths of your character. The VIA Institute on Character also identified 24 common character strengths in 2004. These include, for example, creativity, curiosity, courage, honesty, humor or teamwork.

8. A break from thoughts

We want to achieve a goal, but we should remain calm. If you think too much about your goal, the thought will eventually stress you out and you won’t be able to clearly see the next step. Therefore, take the time every now and then to completely relax your brain. For example, with meditation or breathing exercises.

9. Compassion

Be kind and loving to yourself – and show compassion towards yourself. It’s ok if the goal just gets too much, you need a break or help. Accept that and treat yourself kindly like you would a good friend. Things can go badly, and that doesn’t mean your strength isn’t really your strength.

10. Focus on the goal

We often tend to lose sight of the main goal and take one unnecessary step after the other. We can prevent this with clear, realistic and meaningful goals. Even small goals can make a positive impact. Ever wanted to learn how to cook your favorite Japanese restaurant food? Don’t google the ONE dream recipe for hours, try three or four and see what works for you. Ever wanted to upcycle your old dresser? Then take the sandpaper and think about it further. Step by step you reach your goal and thus personal empowerment.


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