Gloria Trevi and Scarlet Gruber finally meet

The authorized bioseries of Gloria Trevi they are going from strength to strength, to the extent that the singer has finally met the actress who will give life to her story, starring in an embarrassing moment, then, the interpreter of “Free hair” could not deny the great resemblance that exists between her and Scarlet Gruberwhom she called “rare”, clarifying that coming from her it was nothing more than a compliment, because that is how she considers herself.

A few years ago no one would have believed that “the Trevi” would participate in a television production based on his life, however, that time has come and he will do it hand in hand with Carla Estrada, a famous producer of highly successful soap operas, such as “Quinceañera”, “The privilege of loving” and “Real love”.

The creator of great television productions is back, but this time, she does it with a project that she has been pursuing for a long time; the bioseries of Gloria Trevi. Of course, this production will be narrated from the perspective of the singer, which will differentiate it from the films and books that have told the version of events of some of the alleged victims of the so-called “Trevi-Andrade clan”.

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More than two decades after the true events took place, fountain and road have teamed up for the bioseries to see the light, however, it has been a slow process, because choosing the actress who would play Glory It was not an easy task, since the producer carried out a casting in Mexico and Latin America to find not only someone who had a physical similarity with the singer, but who would project her energetic personality.

it was so road he found Scarlet Grubera 34-year-old Venezuelan actress and dancer who appeared in Mexican soap operas such as “want it all” and “If they let us”. Since it became known that she would be the one who would put herself in the shoes of “the fountain”Through this story, Scarlet has shown the great enthusiasm and challenge that this project means for her that, through the images, we can realize how identical the singer looks in her youth, but what was the reaction of Gloria Trevi when meeting her?

More than four months after the filming of the bioseries of Gloria Trevithe interpreter of “Five minutes” He visited the recording set for a single purpose; face to face with Scarlet Gruber because, after they were introduced by roadthe actress and the singer held hands and smiled excitedly and nervously, especially fountain who was shocked, giving her the go-ahead because she stressed that she looked weird like her.

After making that comment, Scarlet he let out a laugh and then gave way to what road She had to say, because the producer confided to Gloria that after casting the Venezuelan, she had no doubt that she had to be the one to stay in the project; to which the singer nodded, reminded that Karla he had communicated with her on the verge of tears.

According to the details that Carla Estrada has shared with the press, the bioseries will have two main actresses, both will give life to the singer; one of them during her youth and another at the height of her career; Scarlet will be in charge of this role.

Another of the details that the producer has talked about is about Sergio Andrade, noting that he will never be mentioned in the series, but there will be a character who will take his place, with a totally different name.

Finally, the television creator has expressed that the most difficult scene to film, to date, has been the death of Ana Dalaithe eldest of Gloria Trevi Well, he recalled that, when making the recordings, the entire production was silent, because everyone was aware that it was an event that happened in real life and seriously impacted the singer.

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