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A year ago, fedez announced that he had been diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas, for which he had to undergo surgery. The Italian rapper underwent an intervention of more than six hours, which ended favorably. Since then, the artist has shared with his community of more than fourteen million followers what his evolution has been. But in recent weeks, amid the controversy over the possible crisis with his wife Chiara Ferragnisome stories in which he stammered and had problems expressing himself, sparked concern in Italy about his state of health. now, fedez has revealed what really happens to himexplaining the origin of those alarming videos.

Fedez shows the scar from the operation in which his tumor on his pancreas was removed

The Ferragnezone of the most mediatic couples in the transalpine country, has been racking up headlines about an alleged breakup. The chronology of the crisis that the couple would experience in theory began in the past Sanremo Festival, and it has gone on for days while both were silent about it. In all this time, just a symbolic image that silenced the rumors, the aforementioned disturbing videos of the rapper and a small text in which he pointed out that he preferred to stay away from the networks for a while, something unusual.

Fedez clarifies his state of health after the concern generated in Italy

The rapper has now shared several stories on his Instagram profile in which he wanted to clarify what has happened, in a context in which, as you said, news about your family that does not correspond to the truth is constantly published. After thanking the support received, the artist has looked back, until the moment in which he received the diagnosis of the tumor in the pancreas.

Despite considering himself “privileged”, in reference to how well things ended up going, he acknowledges that this has been a very traumatic event. Until today, he admits, he was not truly aware of the What effect has all of this had on your mental health?. During all this time it has relied exclusively on a treatment based on psychoactive drugs, antidepressantsspecifically, that it has been varying during this time.

One of the medications that had been prescribed has “destabilized” him, causing several very strong side effects, such as ticks in the mouth and problems when it comes to expressing himself. This caused had to stop treatment, nipping consumption in the bud, since, due to his health characteristics, it had been contraindicated for him to carry out a progressive reduction. And then the more complicated problems returned, at produce a “rebound effect”. “I don’t wish it on anyone,” she assured.

In addition to generating an acute fog on a cognitive level, it has caused severe spasms in his legs, which has prevented him from walking for days. Added to this are strong dizziness, headaches and nausea. “I have lost almost five kilos in four days”, said the rapper, acknowledging that all this has prevented him from carrying out his usual professional activity in recent weeks. Although he is still not at 100%, “day after day, I improve”, he has confessed.

Fedez’s emotional words about Chiara Ferragni and her supposed crisis

What he has experienced recently has served the man from Milan to learn several lessons. One of them, regarding the value of his family. The artist has broken then, when speaking of them, starting to cry and having to stop recording the video. Upon returning, he has declared that he is clear that he wants to focus on his mental health and his family. He then mentioned Chiara.

“All sorts of things have been said about her. She is the only one who has been by my side in this period. I’m sorry that he had to eat this totally undeserved storm of media shit, ”she revealed, thanking him and acknowledging how lucky he feels to have her around.

To influence this, Fedez has also published an image on his Instagram wall later. A photograph of Chiara’s hands and his entwined, again, in which she reflects on the importance of mental healthespecially after having experienced a traumatic event. “Do not neglect your emotions or those of the people who are next to you“He has advised his parish.

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