“Can you all bang in the bin”: Cheyenne Ochsenknecht strengthens against footballers

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In episode 4 of “Die Ochsenknechts” on Sky, Wilson Gonzalez admits: “I’m taken. Crazy, isn’t it?” Like his brother Jimi Blue, he’s on cloud nine. Sister Cheyenne, meanwhile, explains why she never wants to be a “gamer’s wife”.

“The heart is pounding to the limit,” Wilson Gonzalez beams over both ears in the current episode “Dies Ochsenknechts” (Mondays, 8:15 p.m., Sky One). “It turned out that way. I was flabbergasted.” He has known his new girlfriend for a long time from his circle of friends. He prefers to keep her out of the public eye: “You don’t know her, and she doesn’t want that either.”

What you learn at least: Nurse Cheyenne gets along well with her. “They’re just like hearts and souls and really, really easy going, the woman,” says Cheyenne. “I just really like them.” She wishes her brother only the best: “I’m extremely happy to see him so happy. Precisely because he was just catastrophic on the road with his two ex-girlfriends.” Now it seems to be the right one: “It fits Wilson like Ar… on bucket.” Wilson is even thinking about a future together: “Me I’m ready to start my own family. But I’ll take my time.”

Old friendships also need to be nurtured. In Berlin, Wilson Gonzalez meets his buddy Marteria before his concert at the Waldbühne. “Marten is a role model for me, because he’s just such a front pig,” Wilson pursues the goal of being on stage in front of crowds. Could happen soon with his music project: “I just found out that we’ll be on the radio with the Black Rainbow tomorrow in Mexico City. They are now really getting going internationally.”

“These Ochsenknechts”: Jimi Blue saves his image

Meanwhile, Jimi Blue is trying to polish his image professionally. “Many companies, cooperations or as brand ambassadors have turned away from me because they said they don’t want anything to do with a guy like that,” the separation mud battle left its mark. “I ended up burying my head in the sand. It was all just too much for me too.”

The family was obviously not the best help: “They couldn’t pick me up mentally like my girlfriend.” Again he enthuses: “Laura pulled me a bit away from the whole family thing and let me watch it rationally.” Natascha doesn’t think so good: “Of course we all noticed that he neglected everything, also professionally.”

Jimi Blue sticks to it: “Laura just gave me my back to pursue my own interests, maybe cut my cord a bit.” He is aware that not everyone understands that: “It might have hurt my family.” Cheyenne pouts : “He has changed a lot. But he also knows that himself. But when someone is in their own world, then it is inappropriate to interfere with that either.”

Luxury life for Cheyenne

Cheyenne visits her Nino at the meat processing plant in Dobl. Nino’s friend Faruk has the greatest respect for Nino’s eagerness to work: “He does it all alone without any employees.” Cheyenne finds the dig mediocre: “Am I the mother of your child or not?” After all, family and household are completely dependent on her. “I’m a bit lazy, I’ll admit that. But I’m not so lazy that I sit there all the time and watch him what he’s doing.”

But Nino is plagued by existential fears: “Of course, as a father, I also try to be there financially for the family.” He wants to offer Cheyenne a good life: “They could take any professional soccer player, run off with them and say, I fuck it , I live in luxury.” Cheyenne waves him off: “All footballers can be thrown in the bin. They are so unfaithful to the point of death.”

Disappointment on Natasha’s birthday

The day before the wedding, the family comes together for Natascha’s birthday – everyone except Jimi Blue. “Not everyone is there, but it can happen sometimes,” the birthday child comments on her son’s absence. “The vibe in the family is actually quite good. Except that everyone thinks it’s a bit of a shame that you don’t hear or see so much about Jimi doing his own thing.”

A bit disappointed, she states: “I think that’s the first time in years that Jimi isn’t at the start.” Cheyenne shrugs: “He’s just in his world right now. And apparently not everyone has a place in his world right now.” Wilson has sympathy for his brother: “They are just so blatantly in love. The bubble is made of concrete.” The main thing is that he gets to the wedding on time…

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