Antonella Fiordelisi and her sister do not speak, Ginevra Lamborghini: "Me too with Elettra, I understand you"

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

During the March 5 episode of GF Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi talks about her relationship with her sister, whom she hasn’t seen for several years after a misunderstanding. From the Lamborghini studio she says she is understanding, speaking of her relationship with her sister Elettra.

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

In the episode of good feelings, the Big Brother VIP, try to explore the “side” stories of the remaining competitors in the game. Among these is Antonella Fiordelisi, who in recent weeks has repeatedly told of her complicated relationship with her sister, born from a previous relationship with her mother, whom unfortunately she has not seen for several years following an argument . “My parents were present, always available, close to me in all the things I wanted to do, except for boyfriends. Very present from a physical point of view, but not exactly affectionate. But this thing helped me over time, because if those are missing then they weigh. Everything I needed saw them present”, Fiordelisi told Signorini, before the latter introduced the topic of his relationship with his sister:

He suffered a lot for his father, who suffered a lot from being left by my mother. He asked her to live with her father and she, very sadly, took this difficult step for her. I saw her once a week, she lived in Bari with her father and my parents went to get her. We have vacationed together, always up until five years ago.

So the separation, due to a particular event: “What happened was that she graduated in engineering and my mother wasn’t invited, just me. I got my parents to talk me out of going and she didn’t trust me anymore, she saw me as an enemy. Now if I ask her he doesn’t answer to see us, I went to Rome several times, where he lives, but he never opened the doors of his house to me, unfortunately. Perhaps he is angry with me precisely because I am the daughter of my mother’s second marriage. It’s understandable, sure, but it made me feel bad.” And he added:

Until a few years ago we always saw each other very often, then this graduation party was a watershed moment. I let myself be conditioned by my family who hadn’t been invited, I didn’t go and I haven’t seen her since. I kinda regretted not going, I tried a reunion, but she didn’t want to see me anymore.

The conductor guaranteed her that there were no surprises for her and that she would not find her sister in the garden, but offered her to send her a remote message: “I would like to tell my sister that unfortunately I have never had these family problems, because my parents have always gotten along well. Hers is a suffering that I cannot understand, it will certainly be a strong trauma that has affected relationships between sisters and on those with others. Unlike me, she always seems a little distrustful of others, but it’s right because she suffered a lot from this separation. I would like to tell her that, now that I’m older, to understand the pain she felt . I would like to see her because I don’t know anything about her life anymore, I don’t know if she’s engaged, how her work is going. It would be nice if Big Brother could be a way to reunite us. She is beautiful, even inside”.

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Signorini took the opportunity to connect Fioredelisi’s story with the similar one experienced by Ginevra Lamborghini with her sister Elettra: “I understand you a lot and I hug you tightly, I hope you can see her again”.

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