An account of the atrocities of Roberto Piazza

The designer Roberto Piazza In a television interview this weekend, he displayed all his hatred of Peronism with insults towards Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, President Alberto Fernández and even Eva Perón herself. It is not the first time, however, that the artist is in the news for making violent statements.

This weekend, in an interview for the channel The Nation +Piazza described Alberto Fernández as “a poor guy, a wimp” who will have “very soon a tremendously terrible end” like the one “had the daughter of a remil whore (sic) of Eva Perón at age 33”. He also said that Cristina Kirchner “vomits” him, among other disqualifying statements.

The designer, who revealed a few weeks ago that he was offered national legislative positions for Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei’s party, has spent years distilling his hatred in front of television cameras with expressions such as “bisexuality is a perversion”, “polyamory does not exist”, and “I would make black shit out of them”.

This is the same Piazza who militated the reform to article 63 of the Penal Code so that the limitation periods for child sexual abuse were extended and began to run from the complainant’s age of majority. A double-faced figure, with whom the press and activism don’t quite know what to do with.

bisexuality and polyamory

Months ago, on the screen of AmericaPiazza commented on the marriage of Florencia Peña and Ramiro Ponce de León, who put the word “polyamory” on parade through the pages of Caras, and opined: “polyamory does not exist. Sexually okay (add another person). I do that too. But it’s not called polyamory. It’s called polysex.”

Seconds later, the designer pointed out his criticism of bisexuality. “No I agree with bisexuality. Bisexuality is a perversionsaid by Freud, Lacan… Not like that, homosexuality and lesbianism”, he stated.

And he added: “The day you have relationships with a man and a woman and you don’t know which way to run, you’re going to screw up her or him’s life. And also You are going to screw up your children’s lives, they are going to throw it in your face. I assure you (…) Call a psychiatrist and ask him. I have 35 years of psychoanalysis on me”.

“Fucking niggas”

In recent years, Piazza has also poured out his hatred of offenders. In 2021, for example, he suffered a robbery in a downtown Buenos Aires and when recounting what happened, he described the thief as a “black shit”.

There was a guy standing on the corner with a ‘moncho face’, not to say shitty black, who told me: ‘give me your cell phone or I’ll hit you.’ He had a pick in his hand, ”said the artist on the air. And he added, upping the ante: “Whoever is bothered, go to INADI.”

“You know I’m not talking about skin color, I love blacks, there are always black models on my catwalks, I adore and admire them, so don’t run me for that… I’m talking about head blacks,” Piazza continued, after remark that “I would make balls of black shit, just as I ask for the death penalty for these two lesbians who killed Lucio (in reference to Magdalena Espósito Valenti and Abigaíl Páez).

Death penalty

In 2009, after suffering a robbery in a restaurantPiazza had already been in favor of the death penalty and revealed that he himself would have liked to kill his assailants. in dialogue with Radio MiterPiazza recounted that on one occasion he was having dinner with friends at La Farola de Belgrano when three armed people “began to shout ‘Give me everything, this is an assault, sons of bitches’ and to insult, kick, break bottles, take their jewelry, money and cell phones to diners”.

“I, completely at peace and calm, did not say a word and there he grabbed my friends’ bags and mine and they took everything that was inside: cell phones, work items, theater clothes, the money I had to pay to all the musicians”, recalled the designer.

After the assault, a police chase began and one of the thieves was shot dead. Asked if he regretted what happened to the deceased assailant, Piazza said no, but that he was “sorry” for what happened to him and that he “would have liked to have killed” all the assailants who participated in the robbery of the restaurant.

Unfortunately only one was killed. And if you don’t like what I say, I really don’t care, because we all think the same. When you have a gun to your head with a drugged person who is cursing you, at that moment I wanted the devil to come and take him by the hair“Piazza said.

“I am not going to analyze why they are resentful, I am not interested in anything, all these types of people have fed me,” said the designer. “I would have loved to kill them myself; if at that moment I had the possibility of sticking a knife in his head, I would stick itwhat happens is that I remained immobile because the guy was pointing a 45 at my head,” Piazza said.

In this framework, he assured that he was “totally agree with what Susana Giménez said”who proposed after the murder of his florist Gustavo Lanzavecchia that “He who kills must die.”

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