Amandine Pellissard : cette boulette de son fils qui aurait pu tourner au drame !

For several days, Amandine Pellissard and her husband had a good time in Paris. Back home where their eight children were waiting for them, they did not expect such a revelation. Indeed, Leo, the eldest of the siblings, decided to entrust his mother with a dumpling that could have gone very badly. Explanations.

Amandine Pellissard’s son’s dumpling

Mother of eight children, Amandine Pellissard continues to be talked about. It must be said that his conversion to adult films has been heavily criticized by Internet users. Indeed, the latter, judge this profession, incompatible with his family life. But today, it is not for this that the family is talked about. Indeed, this time it was the eldest son of the family who did something wrong. He notably confessed to his mother that he had made a huge mistake.

The teenager revealed that his meal could have had harmful consequences for the whole family. Facing the camera and with his head in a bowl of tomato pasta, Leo explained that he had put the tin box containing his meal in the microwave oven. But above all, that he saw the lid of the box catch fire as he watched the cooking of his dish. A revelation that made his mother’s hair stand on end. Indeed, even if she is reassured that this session did not turn into a nightmare, she still wanted to lecture him:

That’s why you say you almost killed us, but you’re crazy! Oh well no and never a fork or a spoon in the microwave either! At 17 you should know that.

Amandine Pellissard

The mother asks her son to calm down

Following the remonstrances of his mother, Leo did not seem to take the measure of his stupidity. Just to be sure that this will not happen again, Amandine Pellissard did not hesitate to insist a little more with her boy. But this time, the mother of the family has decided to put the forms. So she kindly asked her son:

Can you be careful my little, my little two-meter, calm down a little and stop the bullshit?

Amandine Pellissard

Will Leo have learned the lesson? Answer in the next few weeks…

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