“A coffee, a rail of coke and a joint”: Joana Balavoine candidly recounts her past drug use

This Monday, March 6, Joana Balavoine recounts her addiction to drugs in In the eyes of Olivier. A poignant and unvarnished testimony in order to do prevention.

For 14 years, Joana Balavoine was addicted. With cocaine and cannabis. An evil from which she managed to get out. Now 35, Joana Balavoine wants to do prevention in order to prevent young people – or less young people – going through the same painful stages as her. To prevent someone from dying. It is therefore with sincerity, without pretense or taboothat she faces Olivier Delacroix this Monday, March 6 in In Olivier’s eyes. From a nocturnal consumption, the daughter of Daniel Balavoine finally fell into a spiral making her take drugs all day long. “It wasn’t always, every day“, she assures, before entrusting: “There was a time when it was. In the morning, it had become: a coffee, a rail of coke and I was rolling a joint.

A nebulous moment. “blurry and crazy“, according to the main interested party. Especially since at that time, she was not sleeping”hardly any“. So to hold on, to stay awake, she consumed more. A vicious circle.”Everything I was experiencing was experienced as a fantasy. From the moment we use drugs like that, everything is lived in the lie and the unreal. We lie to ourselves, we lie to others, we believe that this is life. It is a delusion. There’s madness in it“, she says, looking back. And above all, it’s not even pleasant anymore. “The body can’t take it anymore. It is filled with poison. (…) We have a sore nose. We’re bleeding from the nose. We have a toothache. We have a headache. We are tired. It’s tiring. Cause“, details Joana Balavoine.

Joana Balavoine: “Why am I hurting myself so much?”

To such an extent thatshe didn’t understand why was she inflicting this pain on herself. “There are times when we cry. We cry all the tears in our body saying to ourselves: ‘But what am I doing? Why am I doing this ? Why am I hurting myself so much? For what ?’“, she launches. And to add: “We are fed up deep down. We never wake up well. We want it to stop. We don’t want this to continue.“Despite everything, impossible to resist these”impulses“. And even when she wanted to get out of it and do some work on herself with the help of a psychiatrist, Joana Balavoine has plunged several times. But his will eventually paid off. Now her old demons are behind her. And she intends to make sure they never come back knocking on her door.

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