TV column “Life made easy”: Shock in the weight loss show – “We need a doctor immediately!”

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Huge moments of shock – that’s how you could summarize the fourth week in the weight loss camp of “LebenEasy made” (SAT.1). One was physically painful for one candidate, the other hit half the camp crew to the core.

The good news first: Pia is fine again. The 29-year-old mother of four collapsed screaming with a twisted knee during the challenge on a Greek hinterland field and had to be taken to the emergency doctor for an examination. Above all they, but also teammates and competitors as well as their trainer and camp manager Christine Theiss (43) got away with the horror.

Just so there was one a little later that actually left everyone speechless. Some with horror, others with truly incredible happiness.

The initial situation was clear: Hüben nine orange-clad good guys who were happy that they had defended the luxury camp. Over there, eight frustrated blues who not only had to deal with a devastating scale bankruptcy, but also the loss of fellow campaigner Angelina. In the Basic Camp, within sight and hearing of the competition, but light years away from the standard of facilities.

“It pisses me off,” Daniel (37) didn’t make a murder pit out of his tormented blue heart, “losing and the Basic Camp. I want out of here.” So he said and went obediently and “now more than ever”-like to “frustration training” with coach Ramin Abtin (50) and the color comrades in blue. The punching bags were a good way to deal with frustration. Ása (48): “You suddenly get rid of anger that you didn’t even know you had inside you.”

“Life made easy”: cabin fever is rampant

The motto of the week was “Don’t stand still” and brought – how appropriate – the opportunity for massive change faster than expected. Camp manager Christine Theiss offered a special prize for the training competition on the beach. In the event of a defeat, Oange was threatened with a truly blue miracle – moving to the Basic Camp.

The motto of the week was of course about “push through”, “develop”, “keep at it”, “don’t let up”. Well chosen, because all slimming campers have to struggle with it. After four weeks (actually yes, with the boot camp week, five of them) cabin fever and, above all, tiredness spread. And doubts.

“I don’t see any change,” said “Oranje” Marvin (26) grumpily, “I still have a stomach and breasts.” Jessi (33) suffered from homesickness, others have to pay tribute to the high speed in the camp in terms of health. Robert (34) was defeated by a cold, Valentina (34) and Silke (40) struggled with damaged wrists. When planing, not only kilos fall, but also shavings.

It’s a good thing that the beach game mainly required morale and brains. The teams had to complete a 40-meter distance and – the sand is Lawa! – only move on plates. But you could only lay them down in front of you if you answered the quiz question correctly. Brain wax simmers at 40 degrees but also rather sluggishly. There were quite a few mistakes (What does the equation “13 + 5 x (4 + 8 x 7) result in, for example?”), but in the end there were fewer of them with blue.

So it happened that an unleashed coach Ramin (“How cool is that?”) became a songwriter while still on the beach and intoned a “wash his hair, make it beautiful – and föööönen!” for his protégé Valentina. Ása was also relieved: “Finally again a shower, I don’t want to run around as a naked mulch anymore.” And while Salvo (37) complained about the blues cheering too loudly and teasingly (“Team Orange can win better and lose better”), coach Sigrid Ilumaa (42) tried immediately to motivate: “Without the scales, they have nothing!”

“Life made easy”: Pia kinks – and has to go to the MRT

The opportunity for revenge soon came. Challenge! Task: Shoot away tin cans with 3-kilo sandbags. But in front of the first ton, a person fell to the ground: Pia bent her knee and yelled like crazy, that everyone jumped and the sensitive Torsten (42) immediately shed tears of concern. Sigrid Ilumaa shouted: “We need a doctor immediately!” But the screams were mostly anger. “I just need a moment, go on right away,” Pia moaned – but the doctors preferred to push her into the MRT tube.

Eight Oranje fighters stayed behind in the Naxotic sand: “Sure thing: We win for Pia!” The Blues, who obviously didn’t have any target water anyway, had little to order. Orange shot himself into a real frenzy and scooped it all up. In the end, the drop was quickly swallowed, 2-0 and a 3-kilo bonus on the scales for Team Orange. After that, the feelings were crystal clear. “Nothing can really go wrong anymore,” said Jessi (33) happily, and Leon (24) exulted “Let’s go to luxury!” With blue, on the other hand, the world ended prematurely. Laura (24): “We’re going to lose massively.”

Team Orange messes up the 3-kilo bonus

But: Firstly, things don’t turn out the way you think, secondly, and thirdly, the whip doesn’t crack until the end. And so, two incredulous coaches and a totally astonished team boss witnessed a miracle that really has to be considered historical: “It’s unbelievable that this exists,” Ramin stammered after the sensation was shown in numbers on the display. According to the teams’ percentage weight loss, it was 2.33 percent versus 2.26 percent. This is for blue and after factoring in the weight bonus. Oranje had failed completely and in a unique way! Despite losing a 3-kilo bonus, “that only happened once or twice in all those years,” Daniel knew.

What was it? First on the blue Phillip (27), who brought the best result on the scales with minus 5.2 kilograms. He was even stronger than Torsten (42), who finally burst the knot and was happy about minus 4.8 kilograms. Second to Valentina, who with a strong 3.2 kilos almost equaled Manuela’s best result for the week (25, minus 3.9 kilos). And thirdly? To Marvin, Jessi and Pia. All three lost less than two kilos and then found themselves in imminent danger of having to leave the camp when the accounts were settled.

Marvin has to go, groups of four continue

In the end it hit Marvin. Kilo minus man with 1.6 kilograms. Morally cracked and in terms of performance there is far too much room for improvement (Pia: “He’s still driving at half throttle”). All the Oranjes agreed on that. Jessi, who is also located under the yellow line, did not get a single vote.

That’s how he went, Marvin. At least he doesn’t have to start next week in an upside down line-up. Because Christine Theiss tore the teams into groups of four, which from now on will compete against each other: Now it’s “Jessi, Silke, Salvo, Torsten” against “Manuela, Matea, Pia, Leon” against “Laura, Sandra, Daniel, Robert” against “Ása , Valentina, Oesli, Phillip”.

No more group cuddling, now it’s time for a quartet!

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