Drug violence seems to be present in the City. At least that’s what the terrified residents of the El Retiro neighborhood denounce, who since last Thursday have been enduring constant shootings. The most serious occurred the night before last, around 9:00 p.m., which ended with two injuries. A neighbor who was watching television at his house and an alleged trans.

The terrible episode, always based on the information this newspaper received, was recorded on 161 and 52 streets.

Marcos Alfredo Vázquez, 64, is one of those affected.

According to the complaint filed by one of his daughters, the man was at leisure when the shots began to be heard.

“He was watching TV, he wanted to stop to see what was happening outside and he felt a burning sensation in his waist. Like something had burned him,” she stated.

The woman spoke of nine detonations and that her father “immediately realized that he had a shot on him.”

The pain and the blood that gushed non-stop left him lying on the floor.

In the midst of the screaming, a relative who lives nearby ran to his aid.

Thus, seeing him badly injured, he helped him up and took him to the bed in his room.

Then the calls to 911 and 107 began, but a patrolman ended up making the transfer to the Melchor Romero hospital.

Fortunately, once the rigorous evaluations were carried out, it was determined that the lead had not affected any vital organs, so the situation was not dangerous.

In the case, the criminal prosecutor’s office in charge of La Plata, in charge of Álvaro Garganta, with the collaboration of personnel from the fourteenth section, intervened.

Regarding the attackers, it was said that they were traveling in a gray car, from which five “triggers” got out.

“It was hell. They never stopped shooting,” they said in the neighborhood.

The big problem in that sector of the City is that most of the buildings are built with sheet metal and wood, which is why they are very vulnerable to this type of armed attack.

“They look like a strainer,” they described in a very graphic way in the place.

The spokespersons consulted mentioned that, while the agents were collecting information about the state of Vázquez, they learned that a 20-year-old youth had entered the UPA in Los Hornos with a gunshot wound to the leg, at the height of the groin.

Immediately, considering the clinical picture, they ordered his referral to the San Martín hospital for his best care.

The sources consulted mentioned that the young man’s arrival at the 66 and 153 Prompt Assistance Unit materialized in a private vehicle, although no trace of the driver remained.

However, in the area of ​​the shooting they know very well who that motorist would be and they involve him, like the wounded man, in the alleged drug business.

Furious neighbors talk about how a house in the neighborhood stands out from the rest. And not for its luxuries.

“It has two security cameras,” they warned.

In this sense, they hinted that with these film crews they would control what happens abroad, especially the possible arrival of the Police or of the adversaries willing to any massacre.


In the midst of what they understand as a relentless dispute to keep the lucrative business of drug sales at that point in the game, the first attack was recorded on Thursday night. And they say that the “shooters” used handguns and even long ones to carry out about 10 discharges towards the rival bunker.

On Friday, as if that were not enough, “there were shots all afternoon and the neighbors had to hide to try to protect themselves,” they highlighted.

Already on Saturday night, the most serious incident took place, the balance of which, as indicated, was that of two injuries.

The cause was labeled in principle as “abuse of weapons and injuries”, although it will surely motivate an investigation into the drug plot.

If so, the investigation could have other derivations and interfere in a more complex scenario.


It was learned that Vázquez, when the shooting began, was with his 11 and 8-year-old nephews. The latter hypoacusic.

“They were in a little wooden kitchen watching TV and the shooting started. That is why she got up to see what was happening and protect the boys, ”said the daughter.

“Immediately he wanted to jump on top of the smallest and there they hit him,” he added.

The biggest anger in the neighborhood, needless to say, goes through the issue of security.

“Here we all know perfectly who is who and the Police do the same. But they let these things happen and, except when there are injuries, as happened now, they never mess with these guys. It is something very strange and suspicious. I don’t know. One thinks badly”, complained a front member in dialogue with this newspaper.

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