The vulnerabilities possessed by Devil Fruit wielders.

Devil Fruit wielders possess several rather particular weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

In One Piece there are some powerful fruits known as Devil Fruits, which can grant special powers or abilities to the person who ingests or possesses them. Each gives a specific ability depending on what type it is, however, there are 20 Devil Fruit abilities that are the most powerful.

Also, One Piece may have explained the origin of the devil fruits a few chapters back in the manga, in chapter #1069, and although these mystical fruits have been part of this work for a long time, the truth is that still there’s a lot about them that fans don’t know yet.

A great example of something fans probably don’t know about Devil Fruits, and more specifically regarding their wielders, is that they, while seemingly invincible, do possess some weaknesses. It is therefore that we will tell you below the weaknesses of Devil Fruit wielders.

The weaknesses of the Devil Fruit carriers in One Piece

Devil Fruit wielders possess various vulnerabilities.

Devil Fruit wielders possess various vulnerabilities.

It is well known that the characters who wield the Devil Fruits in One Piece have completely fascinating abilities and powerswhich allow them to face any type of villain or threat that may arise.

Although these characters have demonstrated the great skill they possess throughout the history of One Piece, even going so far as to seem invincible, in reality these They are vulnerable to certain things. which we will present to you below.

The ocean

The ocean is one of the vulnerabilities of Devil Fruit holders.

The ocean is one of the vulnerabilities of Devil Fruit holders.

In One Piece, it is said that once someone gains Devil Fruit powers, is considered as no longer human and “undeserving”as it were, before the ocean, which is considered the mother of the world.

This implies that, no matter how powerful a Devil Fruit wielder is, once they submerge into the ocean, will lose power temporarilyalso losing their energy, which could imply loss of consciousness.

There are certain implications or conditions regarding this weakness, as the loss of power only applies if the user has been completely submerged in water. That is to say, a Devil Fruit holder can only dip his hand into seawater without this having any effect on his power; the fact of being completely submerged is what will deactivate the character’s power.

sea ​​stone

The Sea Stone is one of the weaknesses of the Devil Fruit carriers, with which the wives of the World Government are made.

The Sea Stone is one of the weaknesses of the Devil Fruit carriers, with which the wives of the World Government are made.

Sea Stone is a type of ore existing in One Piece that it is said to be the incarnation of the oceanand considering the fact that the ocean is a weakness for Devil Fruit wielders, it makes sense that this stone from the ocean would be a vulnerability as well.

Also, that this mineral is known and called an “incarnation of the ocean”, it only means that this stone it’s practically the ocean in a condensed, solid form.

This is why the sea stone It is a mineral widely used in weapons by those who wish to face Devil Fruit carriers, as it is a way to weaken these characters. Something positive about this weakness is that this stone is quite rare and precious, for which not many people can get it.

the haki

Haki is also another weakness of Devil Fruit holders.

Haki is also another weakness of Devil Fruit holders.

This is a power that comes from within each person, making it something that any Devil Fruit wielder can use. There are three different types or colors of Haki: Weaponry Haki, Observation Haki, and Conqueror Haki.

He Weaponry Haki allows the person using it to make their body harder than steel.. Observation Haki allows users to sharpen their senses enough to be able to predict their opponents’ moves. Last but not least, Conqueror’s Haki can exert or impose his willpower on those around him, overwhelming their consciousness.

The Haki that is potentially dangerous for Devil Fruit users is the Weaponry Hakisince it allows those who use it capture the real body of a Devil Fruit userregardless of whether they are logia-types, which can generally turn into things like ice, fire, light, etc.

This implies that someone with the Weaponry Haki has the ability to ignore the Devil Fruit power of the person they are facing, and beat them to within an inch of their life. In addition, it is necessary to note that some Haki users can infuse Armament Haki into their weapons, being able to directly damage the real body of a Devil Fruit user.

How to overcome these weaknesses?

These weaknesses can be overcome by Devil Fruit wielders in a variety of ways.

These weaknesses can be overcome by Devil Fruit wielders in a variety of ways.

While it may not be easy, Devil Fruit wielders have the ability and ability to overcome each of these weaknesses in different ways that we will explain below.

The easiest weakness to evade is vulnerability to the ocean, although it sounds impossible when you consider the fact that they are pirates who are generally found sailing the vast ocean. However, it is possible refrain from touching or immersing in seawaterso as not to be affected by it.

The main and most effective way to avoid each of these aforementioned weaknesses is get a pretty powerful Hakior to be able to master each of the Hakis that exist well.

It should be noted that getting a more powerful Haki works for both evading the Sea Stone weakness and Weaponry Haki. In the case of Haki, weakness arises when your opponent’s Haki is more powerful than that of the Devil Fruit wielder, however, when a person with powerful Haki is up against another person with Haki of the same or lower level, he is able to outclass them very easily.

However, As for the Sea StoneBy mastering the Observation Haki, the bearer can predict the movements and weapons that his opponent will use to attack him, being able to evade and/or defend himself. In case of using the Armament Haki, he can improve his body to lessen or evade the effect of the sea stones. Now with Conqueror’s Haki, he can attack things without even touching them.

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