In Nigeria, a linesman canceled a very regular goal in an incredible way: he raised the flag to signal the offside of a player who existed only in his mind.

Ok, there is not always the VAR to help the referee in the event of a doubtful or incorrect decision: the use of technology applied to football is one of the greatest revolutions in the history of the game, implored for years and finally implemented, but with the obvious limitation that now there are two speed with which one travels in matter of balloon. In fact, imagining that the instrumentation necessary for the VAR can be installed anywhere is a utopia: from the many high-definition cameras to the room where you can view the images in real time, to the monitor on the sidelines for the on-field review by the match director .

The same professional leagues have VAR coverage only in part, with large differences depending on the latitude where the matches take place. That being said, there are referee blunders that really appear inexplicable whether or not you have the help of technology. What happened in Nigeria in a minor league game he defies all logic, from wherever you look at him: he is the absolute protagonist the linesman, who signals the offside of a player who exists only in his mind, causing a very regular goal to be disallowed.

There is a long ball from a team’s defensive back to nowhere, with only two opposing players trotting backwards due to the absence of any danger. Here the first twist occurs: the ball has a very high bounce in the penalty area and the goalkeeper in stepping back to grab the ball, incredibly lets it slip out of his hand, causing it to end up in the net.

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The celebration for the unexpected goal lasts a very short time: the moment the ball crosses the goal line, the linesman raises his flag to indicate to the referee that he is offside. A report made in an imperious manner and without any doubt, which raises the legitimate question of all present: but whose offside, given that there are only defenders within tens of meters? A question that remains unanswered. There was nothing to do but restart the game with a free kick from the goalkeeper, amid incredulous protests from the opponents. Those who criticize the VAR would do well to take a look at this mess…

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