If you are from the generation that likes to watch those programs from the past, we are sure that many of you remember Starsky & Hutcha cult series that was undoubtedly a success at the end of the 70s and became a benchmark for television productions. And it is that how not to get hooked on this story if it had everything, action, comedy and drama, everything you needed to be entertained at that time.

In this show we met david michael starsky (played by Paul Michael Glaser) and Kenneth Richard “Hutch” Hutchinson (David Soul) two detectives roaming the streets of a fictional California town arresting criminals. Despite the fact that thousands of people watched the series, in 1979 it ended and it took 25 years for these great characters to return (or something like that), with a movie starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson that, to be honest, did not go well. so well let’s say

There will be a remake of 'Starsky & Hutch' and this is what we know
Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul in ‘Starsky and Hutch’/Photo: Getty Images

‘Starsky & Hutch’ will return to our lives with a remake

However, after almost a decade of that failed tape, We have important news for fans of Starsky & HutchWell, they’ll be back for a remake... just as they read it. In accordance with Deadline, Fox Entertainment is already working on a new version of this seventies series with Sony Pictures Television. Except that On this occasion, they will give the protagonists a twist to make everything more current with a feminine touch.

According to the same source, in this adaptation of the television program we will follow Sasha Starsky and Nicole Hutchinson, two female detectives solving crimes in the strange city of Desert City, all this while “staying true to their friendship and awesomeness” (so the studio said). However, in the midst of those cases, also They will try to discover the mystery of who sent their parents to jail 15 years ago for a crime they did not commit..

So far they have not confirmed who will be the actresses who will star in the remake of Starsky & Hutch nor when the first chapters will be released, but Fox confirmed that the episodes will last one hour and unlike the original version, it will focus more on drama than action or comedy.. Last but not least, they revealed that Sam Sklaver (Prodigal Son) and Elizabeth Peterson (The Resident) will be the writers and directors of the series, so as you can see, this project is serious… How are you? Do you like the idea of ​​this show coming back with a fresh twist?

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