Although almost 3 years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic and the existence of vaccines made the outlook more encouraging, It is no surprise to anyone to learn that the film industry was one of the most affected in the world.. In fact, it is currently still struggling to recover from the economic losses.

Of course, the task has not been easy, since between the closures for several weeks, the drop in people who stopped going to the movies after COVID-19 and scheduled premieres on streaming platforms, movie theaters no longer enjoy the glory they once had.

Elijah Wood and criticism of the "preferred banking" initiative in AMC theaters
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Movie theaters in the United States will start charging tickets depending on their location

The American cinema chain AMC knows this perfectly, which on Monday, February 6, unveiled its program “Sightline at AMC”which will basically consist of sell tickets with prices that will depend on the place you choose in the room.

To give you an idea, it will be something similar to what happens in concert venues, where depending on the area (stands, general, vip, etc.) will be the cost of the ticket. A measure that will begin to work from next February 10.

Elijah Wood and criticism of the "preferred banking" initiative in AMC theaters
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There will be three prices depending on the place you choose

According to the portal Varietyseats in AMC theaters will be divided into three sections: Standard, Value and Preferred.

Value seats will be front row seats where there will also be seats for people with disabilities. These seats will be “at a lower price than standard seats” and will also be free for those with the free membership. stubs.

On the other hand, the standard seats will be throughout the room and will have the cost of a regular movie ticket, while the seats for the Preferential will be in the middle of the movie theater and the tickets will range from preferential costs to a premium cost.

Elijah Wood and criticism of the "preferred banking" initiative in AMC theaters
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The measure will be applied in several AMC theaters in the United States

AMC clarified that this new pricing plan It will apply in some cinema complexes located in cities like Kansas, New York, Chicago, etc.. However, it will only apply to functions after 4 in the afternoon and not on Thursdays that are discounted.

The measure, although it is clear, has not been well received by people who go to movie theaters frequently, as they claim this will only start to divide people by what they can afford. Something that had never happened in the cinema.

The public and some actors have already criticized this plan of AMC theaters

In fact, even celebrities have come out to criticize the program “Sightline at AMC”. Such was the case of Elijah Wood himself, an actor known for playing Frodo Baggins in the saga of ‘The Lord of the rings’, which regretted the measure.

“Cinema is and always has been a sacred democratic space for all and this new initiative from AMCTheatres essentially It would penalize people with lower incomes and reward people with higher incomes.”, wrote the actor.

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“Those who can only pay less (or are less willing to pay a premium) will get worse seats than those who can and want to pay more. I’m not sure this really benefits anyone.”Wood responded in another tweet.

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