Where is the opposition unit?

Everyone talks about unity, but they act in the opposite direction. Instead of building, they divide. Instead of moving forward, they go backwards. The same ones that have destroyed political parties, and attempts at unity, today once again call for unity. However, they are promoting various fronts that are in conflict with each other.

Looking ahead to 2024, today there are three opposition alliances: Va por México, Frente Cívico Nacional and México Colectivo. This divisionism is totally inexplicable, when logic requires everyone to overcome their differences and work together, if they really wanted to get Morena out of the government. But it seems that this is not the objective of the opposition.

The PAN, PRI and PRD participate in the Va por México coalition. They say they intend to make an electoral front to defeat Morena at the polls. The National Civic Front, is promoted mainly by the PRD, and also PRI and PAN groups. And in Collective Mexico there are members of Movimiento Ciudadano, the PRI and the PAN to a lesser extent.

What is the objective of having three open fronts where the same parties participate? In fact, in each one of them are the same political figures, but they use different masks. Each alliance claims to champion unity as the only option for electoral victory, but each one points out the political nuances that make it better or different from the other two.

This absurd situation only reveals a chronic weakness in the political leadership of all parties. Today its leaders do not even have the capacity to summon internal unity. The opposition split is fostered by groups of militants who do not share the vision or interests of their leaders.

In reality, there is no opposition unit. This is unfortunate, especially since the 2024 electoral process is already very close. The groups of the different parties are more occupied with achieving multi-member positions, and they are not interested in the feeling of the citizens who want a real change of government.

The three opposition fronts carry out actions that are weak, indecisive and lacking in content. They have not managed to have a common political platform, nor a coherent government proposal. Also, they show shyness in their own actions. There are no flags, no harangues. They do not assume the concerns of the citizen as their own.

For example, in Culiacán a concentration is being called for February 26. But this is going to take place almost secretly, behind the Cathedral, to bother the state and municipal governments as little as possible. In the concentration of the Zócalo of the CDMX, the slogan is “My vote is not touched”. Hollow phrase, without content.

No. The opposition does not want to win the 2024 elections. There is no will for unity. They lack government proposals. The most unfortunate thing is that their leaders have no strength or decision. Among his interests is not representing the people.

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