Sins of Sinister exposes the true hypocrisy of the Marvel Universe

Mutants have always been shunned in the Marvel Universe, but really everyone wants to be like them.

The character known as Mister Sinister has gained some popularity in later Marvel comics due to his daring ingenuity that allows him to carry out elaborate plans and become a more prominent villain within the publisher. this villain use to your advantage some of the rulings existing within the broad marvel universe to conquer the world and thus fulfill their goals.

Mutants have always been shunned in the Marvel Universe, but in reality everyone wants to be like them.

One way or another, Mister Sinister he is able to take advantage of the failures of others, prejudice and greed to be able to conquer the world without anyone noticing. This is explored in more detail in the event Sins of Sinister #1of Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, Geoffrey Shaw, Marco Checchetto and other great comic creators. It was here that it was exhibited how hypocritical is humanity when the situation is centered on the mutant pool.

It remains to wait to find out when the X-Men will appear in the MCU and in what way

It remains to wait to find out when the X-Men will appear in the MCU and in what way

Throughout the last few decades, it was well known that the majority of the human population had seen mutants more as a problem than a solution. In fact, mutants have always felt that rejection by humanity since they are considered a very dangerous threat that must be completely destroyed. However, this is not reflected in reality since the X Men have saved the Land countless times of incredible threats.

In a story starring Mister Sinister in which he used ingenuity to offer incredible abilities to the entire population of the planet, countless people jumped at the chance to become mutants. This is how fake their hate really is when in reality The majority of them want to possess their powers, or worse yet, reveals that the only reason The reason they hate mutants so much is because they want to be like them.

The X-Men may be the key to the new Spider-Man reboot

The X-Men may be the key to the new Spider-Man reboot

Although at first it may seem that Mister Sinister’s plan is somewhat complexIt was actually quite simple. Krakoa would offer the world access to his resurrection technology, implanting temporary powers into humans to give them access to said technology. However, genes would actually contain one copy of sinister’s mind which could then influence or take over the body of the infected host. Even by the time it became clear that mutants weren’t part of this, there were still lines of people waiting to become a mutant. X Men.

Throughout history, mutants have been viewed as a kind of disease and needed to be eradicated. Although the main reason for becoming X Men was to gain a supposed immortality, some of these people agreed that being a mutant was a mistake. This reveals the hypocrisy and selfishness of much of humanity in the Marvel Universe.

X Men

The X-Men will face new threats in an imminent way

The X Men have shown that they have incredible abilities, but that does not make them villains. A good number of them have saved the world more times than can be counted, and all they receive is rejection from those who were saved. Even after providing technology that serves to be able to change the life of the world, mutants are still not accepted in society despite all this time.

To think that all this is based on simple feelings linked to greed or hypocrisy is certainly worrying. It is possible that if things are advantageous for a group of people they will even manage to reject other heroes if that were the case. The comic series sins of sinister shows that humanity’s hatred of mutants is based on envy for all that the citizens of krakoa. If they could see mutants for what they really are, then the earth-616 of Marvel could be a much better and more peaceful place.

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