David Nagiev about golf in Russia: We need fields where people can train for adequate money

– Tell us about your acquaintance with golf. Was it the initiative of the parents or your choice?

I have been playing golf since 2005. My dacha neighbor was playing and I wanted to try it too. So the initiative was mine.

– Do you remember your first victory in golf? When and where did it happen?

– The first significant victory was at the Russian Championship in 2013 in Pestovo. After that, I began to take golf more seriously. After there were victories in the championships of other years, and, of course, the Russian Championship-2022 and the 1st All-Russian Spartakiad between the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in summer sports among the strongest athletes in 2022.

– What qualities are needed to achieve good results in golf?

– To win at golf – you need a combination of good physical fitness and the right technique. However, mental toughness should not be underestimated. It is almost impossible to show a quality game without good mental preparation.

– If not for golf, what sport would you choose? Was there a moment when you wanted to quit everything? How did you cope with it, what supported you and continues to support you?

– I don’t know what sport I would do if not for golf. Professionally, probably not. Quit sometimes there is a desire. But in the end you realize that it is stupid to quit what you have been doing all your life.

– Your goals: long-term, intermediate?

– Goals – to play as many professional tournaments as possible, while giving golf lessons at the same time.

– How much time do you devote to golf in the segment of the day/week/month?

– Depending on the season: in summer I play golf 6-7 days a week for 7-8 hours a day, in winter, of course, not so much, but simulators are an ideal way to keep the skill without going out on the course.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in golf? How did you solve it?

– Sometimes it happens that the result does not come immediately and it seems that all the training done does not pay off. At such moments, the main thing is not to give up and keep an optimistic attitude, in the end the work done will be rewarded.

What are your hobbies besides golf?

– In addition to golf, I like to watch and play basketball and poker. I listen to different music.

– In your opinion, what is missing in the development of golf in Russia?

In order for golf to develop in Russia, accessible courses are needed where people can train for adequate money, as well as more tournaments for players of various levels, this will help develop competitiveness among golfers.

– In an interview, you said that you want to go to Scotland to study. Were you able to leave?

– Yes, I studied in Scotland from 2016 to 2020. I played a lot of golf there and had a good experience.

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