I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Although Naomi Ackie gives an endearing performance of Whitney Houston, I Wanna Dance with Somebody does not escape being an unemotional and bravado biopic.

In the age of biopics it is not strange to meet the dramatized story of the odd pop culture icon. Well, after the great bubble created by Bohemian Rhapsody, the genre has seen great ups and downs with the stories of personalities like Elton John in Rocket man, Elvis of Baz Luhrmannand why not? Counting down to the popular bioseries of Latino stars seen on television.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Hollywood will find its next opportunity in Whitney Houston to highlight the moments that made the singer iconic, and those that brought her tragic death before her time, thus delivering the tape I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

But, does it really do justice to the whitney houston story and manages to offer something different from others biopics? We tell you.

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Too acoustic a cover?

whatThere is something in the life of Whitney Houston that can take us beyond the stereotypical story.to of a celebrity through its rise and fall? The truth is that yes, since at first it intends to expose I Wanna Dance with Somebody, iconic New Jersey singer It was a watershed in more than one area of pop culture, standing out in a medium—and an era—largely dominated by Caucasian and heterosexual artists.

For much of his life, rumors about Whitney Houston’s sexuality permeated her career on a large scale, which according to this biopic authorized by her family—who were originally fervently opposed to Whitney’s guidance—were in fact one of the big reasons why she Houston had to almost completely replace her identity, change style and be seen publicly with other artists to turn off comments about his alleged relationships with other women, including his representative.

In the first instance, I Wanna Dance with Somebody sells us the idea of ​​a true story without censorship, where we can really meet Whitney, what was behind each of their songs and the true effects that fame had on their relationships. Nevertheless, what seems like a bold step and a critique of the star system and how he transforms his artists into acceptable versions of himself, quickly is diluted under the hand of the producers who, iintentionally or accidentally are undone in the first act of sexual identity of its protagonist to become a series of quick facts about his life.

And it is that moving away from a human vision proposed in its first minutestoo soon I Wanna Dance with Somebody transforms into another biopic that summarizes the most important points of his career as a page Wikipedia, without really delving into Whitney as a person, let alone an artist.

Whitney is reduced to an idol with great vocal power and nothing else, being almost victim of each and every one of the situations that are put in front of him and to a certain extent, making her the center of the problems of the rest of the characters on the screen.

However, perhaps between the great chaos of a story that definitely does not do justice to the legend of music, yes manages to stand out is the work of Naomi Ackie as the singer and actress, who does his best and gives a unique charisma to which, otherwise, it would be a complete disaster.

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A great story, very very badly told

The most shocking of I Wanna Dance With Somebody is that it shows the good intention behind the story, and the tribute that was intended to be made to an icon that manages to revive between recreations, with its own music and great legacy.

However, the first big problem of the tape starts from a poorly handled scriptthat lacks identity and that, although tries to connect with the public through dialogues key that resonates throughout the tape, there is nothing special about it. Anthony McCarten is completely oblivious to situations that he tries to capture in history, superficially addressing racial obstacles and prejudices lived by the singer; which by itself is not a problem, Until it’s too obvious that he has no idea what you are writing about.

Such a script becomes a story that has been cut, edited and rewritten by several of those involvedalmost completely disappearing the signature of kasi lemmons as project leader. No moment is then especially memorable, apart from running into strange editing, pacing and direction decisions that more than contribute to the plot, they feel tremendously uncomfortable.

For most of the second act, I wanna dance with somebody relies on repetitions and justifications behind specific songs that mirror what Whitney is living with, which does not end up consolidating into a deep meaningbut it comes to feel like a weak resource and even soap opera very similar to that seen in projects like Luis Miguel: The series.

In addition, you forget to dare to play with the magnitude of Whitney Houston’s shows and delivers an extremely flat film that ends up being unnecessarily long and lacking in substance.

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What could have been

At the end of the daythe best way to remember Whitney Houston and his immense talent, as it has always been, is through his own music. Well I Wanna Dance with Somebody result a really scary experiment and it fails to fill the space it wanted to occupy: the lead the life of the iconic singer on screen to introduce it to new generations that, if it weren’t for the poor quality of your tape, they would have empathized really well with his story.

And that is where it is one of the most frustrating points of the moviebecause a life like Whitney’s would never have resonated as much with someone as with a generation of young people who increasingly feel more secure with their identitytheir orientations and what they want to leave in the world.

While the film may no doubt please some of Houston’s fans, I Wanna Dance with Somebody does not go beyond being a bunch of condensed data in two and a half hours that more than inspire, they become tremendously overwhelming in the face of the million different ways it could have been approached.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody is now available in movie theaters

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