Six situations when you should skip replying to his messages

The messages he sends you can be an interesting source of information. Sometimes they even reveal more than the other party would like. So when someone you’re interested in does certain things in the messaging phase, you can let go of further contact.

  • Certain situations accompanying the exchange of messages may indicate that the other party does not take it seriously
  • A simple text message can reveal character traits or behavior that may be difficult to accept
  • If there is something in the news that causes anxiety, it is worth listening to your intuition and ending the relationship
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The way he formulates messages to you can say a lot about him. Admittedly, there is no better way to find out what the other person is like than face-to-face meetings, but messages can be a warning sign that a relationship is going in the wrong direction. Some people are brave enough to be on the other end of the phone so they can write something you wouldn’t hear during a meeting. From the way you communicate, you can also deduce whether he takes your relationship seriously or whether you are an option for him.

If he does these things, don’t bother replying to his messages

He doesn’t bother answering

Do you count on his commitment, but messages from him are laconic and written as if to a friend? This is a poor prognosis for the future. If he doesn’t put any effort into his responses to your messages, it may mean he doesn’t care.

Doesn’t respond on time

Of course, he can be busy at the moment, but usually a guy who cares about a woman doesn’t make her wait hours for a response. When he replies with a long delay every time, even a day later, it means that he has “more interesting” things to do. Constantly arriving late or even ignoring the answer does not bode well for acquaintances.

I never write first myself

The lack of initiative on his part is a clear signal that he does not care about getting to know you and further text messages from you will not change much. If he doesn’t bother to contact you at all, then it’s clear. You’re wasting your time on this relationship.

He only calls when there’s nothing to do

He only texts you when he’s bored? If he doesn’t find time to interact on a daily basis, because friends, work, or whatever are more important, it becomes clear that you are a replacement option for him. Don’t take this relationship too seriously.

It touches on intimate topics

If you dream of a serious relationship, and he, not knowing you yet, sends obscene proposals, you may be disappointed. Such messages are a clear signal that he is only after sex and you should not expect much more.

When his messages stress you out

Something you don’t like about the messages he sends? Is he too curious, insistent, or maybe you don’t like the tone in which he addresses you or talks about someone? Even if you don’t know what exactly is wrong, but your intuition comes to the fore, don’t ignore it. Sometimes it is better to end the relationship at the stage of exchanging messages than to step into a relationship that will turn out to be toxic and difficult to end. If you feel anxious when exchanging information with him, let it go.

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