Radicals propose an agreement with Milei in the province

While the summer season serves as a backdrop for the different political sectors to bring out their proposals and pre-candidacies at the beginning of the electoral year, the Buenos Aires opposition framework begins to analyze the strategies to confront an officialism that, anchored in the management , hopes to revalidate in the province of Buenos Aires and that, as often happens, that will serve as a ceiling to increase the national chances of a still uncertain armed pan-Peronist.

in that game, Together for Change, a ghost grows again that, fearing it, they want to seduce: the libertarian sector what has to javier milei as the highest national benchmark and that, from another lane, pushes Jose Luis Espert in the province of Buenos Aires.

Monday, Néstor Grindetti and Gustavo Posse met in Pinamar. Both leaders retrace the coast for these hours trying to play their cards to stay with the opposition candidacy, Lanús from the PRO and San Isidro from the UCR. In one of those meetings, Posse openly asked to seek “a programmatic agreement in which there are many ideas that are applicable and thus ensure the start of a new cycle in the Province.”. For that, in what he predicts a “difficult” election, he assured that “If Milei, at the national level, gets 20 points” and that is replicated in the province, Together for Change will not win the governorship “because there is no ballot and you win or lose by one vote,” he explained.

In that way, Posse added to the warning that another of his internal competitors, Martín Tetaz, had already made regarding the effects that could be generated from the expansion of the anti-Peronist offer in the province. In this sense, in an interview published by La Nación over the weekend, The economist proposed “an agreement with Milei” that would consist of “turning the October election in the province into a ballot, which puts the best candidate against Kicillof hand in hand”. “That is the way to win the province of Buenos Aires. If the best candidate in the province, in the STEP, is Milei’s, the rest of the candidates get off and leave Milei’s candidate for governor. If ours is the best, let him leave our hand in hand with Kicillof and let him get off his, ”said Tetaz in parallel to the beginning of his tour of the coast with which he seeks to start putting his name on the menu of candidates for governor of Together for Change.

Without definitions so far, doubts grow about the name that the libertarian could put to play in Buenos Aires territory, outside of the already launched candidacy of José Luis Espert, whom Juntos por el Cambio fails to seduce to add it to an internal one. For now, the possibilities of a rapprochement between the two economists also seem ruled out.

Thus, the panorama is not the most attractive for the cambiismo that, in this framework, intensifies its internal discussions regarding what to do with those expressions that are ideologically close to its hardest wing but distances the most progressive leg of radicalism that , in the province of Buenos Aires, experienced its most important greening in recent times in the 2021 legislative elections.

That is where pragmatism and the need to “broaden the coalition” on the right come into play. Although it is still not entirely clear if the situation in Buenos Aires will be tied to a sort of national alliance, also seven months away from the primaries, there are limitations that can be seen from both parties. Fundamentally, those that arise from the ideas expressed by Milei himself, for whom Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is “a lefty” and that on repeated occasions disqualified radicalism and one of the most expensive figures in its recent history: Raúl Alfonsín. This position would rule out that the head of the libertarians enable an agreement with those spaces in the province, from where, despite everything, they continue to wink at him.

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