Over the weekend, the disappearance of María Angela was reported at the Indios Verdes whereabouts. The recordings released indicated that the 16-year-old had been taken against her will by a man. However, heThe CDMX Prosecutor’s Office already has another version of the facts.

The spokesman for the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX), Ulises Lara, reported that, after an exhaustive investigation by the authorities, it was determined that María Angela was absent of her own free will. “She was not a victim of crime,” she assured.

Putting respect for the adolescent and her family first, Lara announced, based on the analysis of videos, social networks, interviews, expert opinions and field trips, that it was possible to accurately establish the places where María Angela was during the time she was reported absent. All documented with images in which, apparently, the young woman was never against her will.

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According to the investigations, after the young woman was absent while her mother entered a public bathroom in the whereabouts of the Indios Verdes Metro, He was seen in the vicinity of the Palace of Fine Arts. There he was in the company of members of a collective, who offered him support, thinking it was a missing person.

The foregoing is already stated in statements made before the Public Prosecutor’s Office by witnesses to the events who, apparently, were the ones who gave María Angela asylum at an address located in Ciudad Neza.

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On January 20, when María Angela’s mother had already reported the disappearance and in the networks it was presumed that it was a kidnapping, the young woman returned to the camp in the Central Mall. There “the adolescent stayed most of the day (…) later she moved with a member of the group to her home in the State of Mexico, where he spent the night.

According to the spokesperson for the FGJCDMX, It was not until January 21 that the people in the collective realized that María Angela was being sought by the authorities.s, so they contacted the local search commission. Apparently, the young woman realized that she had already been identified, so she he chose to leave: he told them that he would go to the Alameda. There the people from the group arrived with the authorities, but they no longer found her.

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It is unknown where and with whom María Angela was, but she sent a message to one of the members of the group to inform her that “she was fine.” She did this from a cell phone that she borrowed. Hours later she was found by the authorities. Unofficially, it is spread in various media that she was found in not very good condition. Even wrapped in a plastic bag.

How did it get there? Who left it in those conditions? That is still unknown, what the FGJCDMX spokesman could point out is that María Angela was not the victim of any crime. To ensure this, the official indicated, medical, psychological and expert tests were carried out on the young woman.

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Then? Without asserting it, Ulises Lara hinted that the key is in something that the young woman commented to the group: “He had the intention of visiting a person at an address located in the vicinity of the place where he was located in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl”concluded the spokesperson for the FGJCDMX.

On the other hand, the spokesman asked the public not disseminate information regarding an alleged gang of kidnappers that, according to reports in networks, would operate at the Indios Verdes whereabouts. So far the authorities have not documented any cases, therefore, It’s just “rumours”.

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